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Head of Post Office IT Inquiry calls for blocks to be removed on compensation so victims receive ‘full and fair’ awards

Post Office Scandal

Dr Neil Hudgell

Executive Chairman

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17 Jul 2023

There should be law changes to stop issues “blocking full and fair compensation” for the victims of the Post Office Horizon IT scandal says the chairman of the Inquiry looking into the miscarriages of justice.

Sir Wyn Williams said schemes set up to compensate sub-postmasters wrongly accused of crimes was a “patchwork quilt with some holes in it”.

Hundreds of sub-postmasters were convicted due to accounting errors caused by the faulty Horizon IT system. As of April, there were 438 applications for compensation still to be resolved.

Hudgell Solicitors represents hundreds of former subpostmasters in the ongoing fight for fair compensation. Reacting to today’s interim report, Executive Chairman, Neil Hudgell said:

“Sir Wyn’s report is warmly welcomed and endorsed by all our clients. He has made a series of recommendations centred around independent scrutiny of the schemes by the Advisory Board.

“At the heart of all this though remains the obvious and pressing issue of delay. Compensation offers are taking way too long to be formulated, negotiated and settled.

“People want to move on with their lives and for Post Office to become a bad dream consigned to history. At the moment, that remains a distant goal in itself whilst the machinery of bureaucracy moves slowly and people are still having to justify, in a painstaking way, every penny being paid to them.

“Every conceivable way to speed up the process and deliver full and fair compensation needs to be explored and implemented to bring about closure.”

Sir Wyn said his criticisms over delays in compensation “remain justified” and called for a strengthening of The Horizon Compensation Advisory Board and more clarity around the tax treatment of compensation. A number of recommendations are made to “maximise the role of the Horizon Compensation Advisory Board” to help ensure fair and prompt compensation.

Hudgell Solicitors is negotiating with the Post Office on behalf of more than 70 former subpostmasters who were wrongfully convicted of crimes relating to accounts shortfalls, claiming compensation for malicious prosecution, following the overturning of their convictions in courts.

To date, just two of those cases have been settled out of court, whilst the others remain in negotiation.

Hudgells is also advising a large number of people who were not convicted of crimes but were financially affected by the Horizon Scandal.

Sir Wyn says his views on whether the schemes have delivered compensation which is full and fair will be investigated under Phase 5 of the Inquiry.

If you were affected by the Post Office Horizon Scandal and are yet to secure justice, call our team today or email [email protected]

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Head of Post Office IT Inquiry calls for blocks to be removed on compensation so victims receive ‘full and fair’ awards

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