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Manchester Arena Inquiry findings: ‘Philip and everybody else that night was placed at risk’

June Tron mother of Philip makes a statement after the Manchester Arena Inquiry findings were published

Terry Wilcox

Associate Solicitor and Manager of Public Inquiries

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17 Jun 2021

Following the publication of the first volume of findings into the Manchester Arena Inquiry today by Chairman Sir John Saunders, June Tron, mother of Philip, 32, from Gateshead, who died in the bombing attack, said:

“Every life taken in this horrendous attack has destroyed the lives of those close to them, and like the many other families affected, we don’t want anyone else to go through what we have following the loss of Philip.

“It has been extremely hard to listen to evidence which has highlighted how our Government has failed to take extra steps to ensure security is as it should be at venues like this across the country, and how organisations who are supposedly experts in running such venues and events can make so many basic mistakes relating to safety and security.

Philip Tron with his mother June
Philip Tron with his mother June

“We hope that, as a result of this inquiry, many lessons are learned and that laws are introduced and changes made quickly to ensure people can go to a concert or a big public event in confidence that they have the best possible protection.

“It has become clear that was not the case for Philip, 21 others who also lost their lives, and the hundreds more who were seriously injured or left traumatised by what happened.

“Philip and everybody else in the vicinity of the Arena that night was placed at risk. That is very hard to accept and understand.”

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Manchester Arena Inquiry findings: ‘Philip and everybody else that night was placed at risk’

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