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the cps has said four men will face charges relating to the death of jack barnes

Four men to face criminal charges over death of Jack Barnes

The Crown Prosecution Service has today announced that Greater Manchester Police have been authorised to charge four men in relation to death of Jack Barnes, from Hull. Mr Barnes, 29, died after being chased and restrained by staff working at the station in October 2016. At a subsequent inquest into his death, at which Hudgell […]

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I was wrongfully arrested, what are my compensation rights?

You’re more likely to be arrested by police in Humberside than anywhere else in England and Wales according to official figures. Humberside Police has the highest arrest rate of 42 forces – with 21 arrests for every 1,000 people across Hull, The East Riding of Yorkshire and northern parts of Lincolnshire, including Grimsby and Scunthorpe. […]

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Victims of Stephen Port

Met Commissioner called upon to launch criminal investigation into allegations officer shared picture of murdered gay man on WhatsApp

Lawyers who represent the families of four young gay men murdered by serial killer Stephen Port have called upon Met Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley to launch a criminal investigation into new allegations against the force – including a picture of one of the victims being shared amongst officers on a WhatsApp group. Media reports circulated […]

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Victims of Stephen Port

Public Inquiry needed after report highlights ‘institutional racism, sexism and homophobia’ in Metropolitan Police

Lawyers who represent the families of four young gay men murdered by serial killer Stephen Port today said a Public Inquiry must be held into the ‘frighteningly appalling standards’ of the Metropolitan Police after the latest damning report into its policing. It comes as The Baroness Casey Review, which has investigated standards of behaviour and […]

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Have the Police Raided Your Home?

We rely on the police every day to keep us safe, and we trust them to do a good job. Most of the time they do – but sometimes they get it wrong. The law grants police officers certain powers when it comes to entering your home. But you also have rights, and it’s important […]

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Laura Winham

Vulnerable 38-year-old woman lay dead in social housing flat for more than three years

The family of a vulnerable 38-year-old woman who lay dead in her social housing flat for more than three-and-a-half years say a catalogue of failings caused her to be ‘abandoned and left to die.’ Laura Winham’s relatives found themselves in a ‘heart-breaking’ situation and unable to maintain contact after years of her schizophrenia caused her […]

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Lewis Skelton

Family of Lewis Skelton call for Humberside Police officer and Chief Constable to “finally admit what happened was wrong” as ‘unlawful killing’ verdict upheld by High Court

The family of a man shot dead on the streets of Hull today called on the officer who fired the fatal shots – and the Chief Constable – to ‘finally admit what happened was wrong’ after the High Court ruled that an inquest jury’s verdict of ‘unlawful killing’ would stand. Lewis Skelton, 31, was shot […]

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Unlawful Killing decision upheld in Humberside Police shooting

Hudgell Solicitors has today received the High Court judgment following a Judicial Review into the outcome of a Jury Inquest, which concluded in October 2021, in relation to the fatal shooting of Hull man Lewis Skelton by a Humberside Police officer in November 2016. The Inquest Jury unanimously concluded that it was more likely than […]

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‘Survivors are forever haunted by seeing lives lost and being left alone for so long – lessons must be learned over security and rescue planning’

Survivor Ruth Murrell says life for her family has been ‘forever changed’ after being involved in the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017. Ruth and her daughter Emily, who was 12 at the time, were both badly injured in the attack, spending weeks in hospital afterwards and needing to undergo numerous operations to remove shrapnel from […]

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Former counter terrorism officer caught in Manchester Arena bombing says there was ‘failure on every level’ to ‘protect, plan and rescue’

As a long serving police and counter terrorism officer, Andrea Bradbury was better equipped than most to cope in the horror of being at the centre of a terrorist bombing attack. Yet more than five years since the events at Manchester Arena in May 2017, she says the painful memories linked to that day will […]

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