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Hudgell Solicitors’ travel litigation team cements international reputation as head of department becomes co-chair with American Association for Justice


Paul McClorry

Regional Director (Manchester)

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27 Jul 2022

Hudgell Solicitors’ head of travel litigation, Paul McClorry, says his appointment as co-chair of the American Association for Justice’s International Practice Section will enhance the firm’s ability to provide clients with the best legal representation around the world.

Mr McClorry, who joined Hudgells in 2017 to head the company’s work in representing people who make accident on holiday claims, takes up the AAJ co-chair position for a year.

The AAJ, an association of personal injury lawyers acting for claimants in American courts, also has members throughout the world and its International Practice Section aims to improve the quality of service to personal injury clients in international legal matters.

Mr McClorry says the appointment is excellent news for both Hudgells’ clients and the travel team he manages.

“For our clients we can access, on their behalf, the best possible lawyers across North America.

“That means the best possible outcomes for their personal injury claims should they have an accident when travelling for work or when they are on holiday.

“If, for example, our client has had an accident in Disneyland, Florida or been involved in a road traffic accident in California or any other US state, then we can help bring a claim quickly and with the best lawyer through US courts.

“We are a specialist firm when it comes to accidents and injury abroad and have built up a tried and tested network of the best legal experts around the world to partner with.”

‘I can contact the best US lawyers and work with them on behalf of a client’

Mr McClorry took up the co-chair while at the AAJ annual conference, held this year in Seattle on the West Coast of the United States.

“Being part of the AAJ means I can contact the best US lawyers in a particular State and work with them on behalf of a client; together, we provide the best possible client care whilst litigating the claim through the US Court system. For our clients it’s a very effective and expedient way of working.”

The AAJ also brings together lawyers who are experts in travel litigation from other counties such as Canada, South Africa and Australia, Mr McClorry says that’s also a benefit for Hudgells’ clients.

“Because we have enhanced relationships with lawyers in America and around the world, we can get the best possible advice on legal issues.

“It’s a very exciting role for myself and a great opportunity to strengthen our relationships internationally.

“It also works the other way too. American lawyers representing clients who have been injured in the UK will come to Hudgells asking us to represent their clients in courts in England and Wales or provide advice on issues of English law. It is a great reciprocal arrangement.”

‘International law firms recognise us as experts in our field’

Mr McClorry is also a member of the European association of personal injury lawyers, PEOPIL, and has been invited to speak at their conference later this year in Copenhagen.

He says being a member of both associations ensures his team have access to the best information when it comes to complicated cross border personal injury legal matters.

“It strengthens the team’s experience and it also increases our opportunities to act for clients who live outside of the UK.

“We are a team of tried and tested lawyers and international law firms recognise us as experts in our field,” he said.

In the last year Hudgells has successfully represented clients from Sweden and Iceland in personal injury compensation claims against two airlines following onboard accidents.

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Mr McClorry co-chairs the AAJ International Practice Section with Stuart Fraenkel of the Los Angeles based law firm Nelson & Fraenkel.

Both will work towards improving law and legal procedures involving international legal disputes to serve consumer interests more effectively.

If you think you might be entitled to make a personal injury or holiday injury claim, contact our experts for advice.

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Hudgell Solicitors’ travel litigation team cements international reputation as head of department becomes co-chair with American Association for Justice

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