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Stillbirth Compensation

Stillbirth Compensation Claims

Losing a baby during pregnancy or birth is a heart-breaking and distressing experience which can have a long-lasting impact on all involved. Sadly, bereaved parents are also sometimes left with a feeling that their baby’s death could and should have been avoided – and that the medical care they received fell short of the expected standards.

Such a loss can have a huge psychological impact on all involved. It can affect relationships, work, health and mental well-being. Mothers can also suffer physical injuries too. In instances like this, when questions need to be asked, our team of stillbirth claims specialists can provide a key supporting role to grieving parents.

We can support parents in terms of how to make a complaint about their care and, if needed, ensure a thorough investigation is held into what happened and why, as part of the stillbirth compensation claims process.

Stillbirth Claim Specialists

We know nothing we do can ever lessen the devastation of losing a child, but we passionately believe in using the legal process to help bereaved parents find the answers they need. If you have concerns over your care during pregnancy and childbirth, you can discuss your circumstances confidentially.

  • Our team of stillbirth claims litigation specialists are committed to providing advice in a sympathetic and caring manner.
  • Successful stillbirth compensation claims can provide vital access to therapy, counselling or support.
  • Our involvement often leads to changes being made and extra training being provided on maternity wards, meaning your case could help prevent a similar tragedy happening to another family in the future.
  • Our role is to help reveal the chain of events which led to a baby’s death, get clear answers as to why the precious life was lost and, if necessary, hold those responsible to account.



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Making a Stillbirth Compensation Claim

Stillbirth compensation claims consider the pain and long-term psychological affects you have experienced. While we know nothing will ever make up for the loss of an infant, a settlement can help you access the specialist services you need to help you cope better, including counselling or therapy costs, whist costs such as funeral fees can also be recovered.

If you or someone you know has suffered in any way, through no fault of their own, please get in touch and we’ll take the worry and hassle out of making a claim. All medical negligence claims have a time limit, so get in touch today and we’ll guide you every step of the way.


Our Stillbirth Compensation Experts

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How will my stillbirth claim be funded and are there time limits?
    At Hudgell Solicitors, we fund all stillbirth compensation claims on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis – allowing grieving parents to seek the answers and justice they deserve without financial risks.
    Your initial consultation is free and confidential – and you don’t have to pursue a case afterwards. We believe this approach allows you to gather all the information you need to make an informed decision at what can be a very difficult time.
    If you do decide to take legal action, we will not require payment in advance.  You will only pay an agreed percentage of any damages received.
    If you’re suffering from the impact of a stillbirth, you should seek professional help and legal advice as soon as possible. Doing this will allow your lawyer to compile and analyse all the evidence, support you and build the strongest case possible.
    You’ll usually have three years in which to make a claim.
How can legal support help during stillbirth claims?
    Many families affected by a stillbirth just want answers about what’s happened and why.
    Often parents are seeking reassurance that they could not have done anything differently to avoid the tragic outcome.
    Also, many parents want to ensure other families don’t suffer in the same way in future if mistakes have been made by maternity teams, as vital lessons can be learned.
    Stillbirth compensation claims consider the pain and long-term psychological affects you have experienced.
    While we know nothing will ever make up for the loss of an infant, a settlement can help you access the specialist services you need to help you cope better, including counselling or therapy costs, whist costs such as funeral fees can also be recovered.
    There is no definitive stillbirth compensation amount, as each case depends on a variety of factors, such as the extent of the psychological damage suffered.
What causes stillbirths to happen?
    Every stillbirth is heart-breaking and parents and families involved should always feel able to ask questions of medical staff, as negligent medical care is often a contributory factor behind these tragedies.
    Unacceptable care standards may include:
  • Misinterpreting test or scan results: Vital signs can be missed on test and scan results which should have triggered a different course of care and assessment through pregnancy and birth.
  • Failures to test during pregnancy: Failing to carry out tests quickly enough, or following health concerns, can mean potentially dangerous situations are not identified and treated quickly enough.
  • Foetal movement issues: Reported by a mother but no action is taken by health professionals.
  • Blood pressure issues: Blood pressure should be checked regularly during pregnancy to ensure it’s not too high or too low as both are dangerous for mother and baby. Appropriate action should then be taken.
  • Failure to refer for appropriate assessment: Particularly important if mother is at a higher risk due to diabetes, obesity or high blood pressure.
  • Failure to identify and treat infections: Bacterial vaginosis, chicken pox, chlamydia, parvovirus, flu, hepatitis.
  • Inadequate antenatal monitoring: A baby’s development must be checked through regular appointments.
  • Placental abruption: If the placenta detaches from the wall of uterus it can prevent baby from getting the nutrients and oxygen needed to survive. Symptoms include abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding and an abnormal foetal heart rate.
  • Congenital defects: A birth defect resulting from genetic disorders, exposure to medications, chemicals or infections during pregnancy.
  • Reduced oxygen levels to the baby: This can occur in the uterus or during a traumatic or difficult labour.
  • Communication issues: During antenatal checks or labour itself, poor communication from medical professionals to parents, or between one another, can lead to the wrong care being provided.
  • Failure to ensure safe delivery: Poor decisions over the birth of a baby, such as failing to ensure an assisted delivery or birth by emergency caesarean section.
How much will my stillbirth claim cost?
    All stillbirth claims taken on by Hudgell Solicitors are handled on a no win no fee basis. This means that you will not have to pay any money up front and there will be no financial risk if your case is unsuccessful.
    If your case is successful, you will only be expected to pay a contribution to your solicitor’s fees once the case has been resolved.
    The costs paid are usually a percentage of the compensation awarded and will be agreed before your case is carried out.

"Hospital pays compensation in medical negligence case relating to stillbirth of baby boy, but family still await a direct apology."

Helena Wood, Associate, Clinical Negligence

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