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Sports Injury Compensation Claims

Sportsmen and women expect the odd injury — it’s part of the challenge of competing. What is important is how these injuries are treated and cared for. If you’ve suffered a sports injury and received substandard medical treatment, hampering your recovery, you could be eligible to make a no win no fee claim.

Whether at amateur or professional level, you should expect the highest level of medical treatment after sustaining a sports injury, helping you get match fit in as little time as possible. Failings on behalf of medical staff can hinder the rehabilitation process, making it difficult for athletes to return to form.

Our experienced medical negligence solicitors can help you claim compensation for inadequate diagnosis and substandard treatment of sporting injuries. We’ll assess your injury to establish liability, holding healthcare professionals to account for negligence and error which may have delayed your recovery.

Injuries sustained during sport can have a life-changing impact. Through their expert knowledge of sports injury management and prevention, our specialists can provide access to world-class sports aftercare and support to see you on the road to recovery — whether you’re an elite athlete or a keen amateur.

Depending on the circumstances, you may also be able to claim sports injury compensation if your injury was avoidable. To check if you’re eligible to make a claim, call our team today for a free no obligation consultation.

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Expert Help with Your Sports Injury Claim

We offer expert legal advice to those injured during sport, at any level. Among our specialist sports injury solicitors is qualified physiotherapist, Josie Robinson, who is experienced in helping professional sportsmen and women claim compensation after negligent medical care has aggravated their condition and delayed their rehabilitation.

Substandard care or misdiagnosis of an injury can have a significant impact on performance, leading to substantial loss of earnings or at worst the end of a career. We’ll make sure poor decisions and failings by medical professionals are robustly challenged, helping you achieve maximum compensation for the inadequate care you’ve received.

Whether you’ve suffered a serious head injury during a rugby match, a broken bone on the football field or a severe strain on the track; our sports injury specialists can help if negligent medical treatment has delayed your recovery.

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Can I make a sports injury claim?

If you’ve suffered a sports injury and received negligent medical treatment which has hindered your recovery, you may be entitled to claim sports injury compensation.

Failings on behalf of healthcare professionals can worsen the symptoms of a sports injury, impacting on performance and leading to significant loss of earnings for elite sportsmen and women. In severe cases, substandard care or misdiagnosis of an injury could put an end to your career in sport — so it’s vital that those responsible are held to account for their negligence.

You may also be able to make a claim if you can prove that your injury was preventable. There are several circumstances in which you may be able to claim, including when you’ve received injury through:

  • A dangerous or inappropriate tackle
  • Poor coaching resulting in physical injury
  • Violent conduct from other players or coaching staff
  • Unmaintained equipment
  • A hazardous playing surface

You may also be able to claim if you were the spectator at a sporting event when you sustained an injury. In this instance, compensation may be sought if you were injured because of the condition of the venue or as a result of inadequate crowd control.

What rehabilitative care and support is available to me after making a sports injury claim?

If we take on your case, we’ll work to establish liability with a view to secure interim compensation payments which will help cover the cost of sports injury management and aftercare services, aiding your rehabilitation.

Our sports injury solicitors are experienced in helping professional and non-professional sportsmen and women get the support they need following negligent medical care of a serious injury. Thanks to our close partnerships with leading sports injury management specialists, we can help elite athletes get the rehabilitative care they need to make an effective recovery.

Rehabilitative sports injury services which compensation can help to pay for include:

  • Concussion clinics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Post-injury dietetic assessment
  • Psychology
  • Specialist therapies

Can I claim compensation if I was a spectator at a sports event?

If you sustained injuries whilst watching a sports event, you may be entitled to claim personal injury compensation when there’s evidence to show that the accident could have been avoided. Compensation may be awarded in cases where the upkeep of the stadium or venue was to blame for your injuries, or when insufficient crowd control made conditions dangerous. If we accept your claim, our personal injury solicitors will hold the event organisers to account for their negligence.

Who will my sports injury claim be made against?

If you decide to make a compensation claim, we’ll take robust action against those responsible on your behalf. In most cases, this will be the medical professional/s whose negligent treatment and misdiagnosis has aggravated the symptoms of your injury.

However, if there’s evidence to show that your injuries were preventable, you can choose to take action against those responsible. We can help you make a claim against:

  • Medical professionals
  • Another player or athlete
  • Coaching or managerial staff
  • Event organisers
  • Venue or stadium managers
  • Match officials
  • Spectators

What kind of evidence do I need to claim sports injury compensation?

To make a successful sports injury claim, you’ll need to show evidence that negligent medical care has aggravated your injury, complicating your full and complete recovery. We’ll assess your medical records to establish the circumstances of your injury, and will request that an independent medical examiner looks at your case to establish fault and corroborate your claim.

When making a personal injury claim for a preventable sports injury, you’ll need to provide direct evidence from a witness who saw the incident firsthand and can verify the negligence. This could be another player, a referee, coach or an organisation.

For free and impartial advice about making a sports injury claim, contact our team today.

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