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Pressure Sores and Bed Sore Compensation

If you or a loved one is admitted to hospital or placed in a care home, you should always expect the highest level of care and treatment.

Thankfully, you will normally receive just that. However, if negligence does occur, pressure sores and bed sores may develop. This can happen if a patient is in the same position for a long period of time, for example someone bedridden or confined to a wheelchair.

All patients should be assessed on admission under the Waterlow System, with a higher score highlighting those with a greater risk of developing pressure sores. For example, elderly patients.

The signs and symptoms of pressure sores and bed sores are:

  • reddened areas of skin which feel tender to touch
  • areas affected often include heels, ankles, the spine, buttocks or shoulders
  • if pressure continues to be applied, sores become more painful and may turn purple
  • if sores are left untreated, they could develop into a more serious infection

We are here to help you

Our specialist team of dedicated solicitors can provide expert advice and support, including the following guide on how to grade bed sores and ulcers.

  • Grade 1: ulcers can be identified by a dark discolouration of the skin which does not change if light pressure is applied.
  • Grade 2: upper layers of the sufferer’s skin are lost or damaged and appear as a blister, scratch or a shallow crater.
  • Grade 3: the loss of the sufferer’s skin through to the first layer of underlying tissue, usually resembling a deep crater.
  • Grade 4: extensive underlying tissue damage and destruction, known as necrosis. Grade 4 sores should be treated immediately and will usually require surgery to remove.

How to make a claim

95% of both pressure sores and bed sores are easily preventable through appropriate mobility checks. If you or a member of your family has suffered from either condition whilst under the care of the NHS, private healthcare or care home staff, we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

All claims have a time limit, so don’t delay. We’ll take the worry and hassle out of making a claim.

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