Meningitis Misdiagnosis Claims

Meningitis is a devastating illness which has the potential to cause serious and life-changing injuries – even when it is diagnosed correctly. Unfortunately, the delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis of meningitis can dramatically increase the chances of a person needing an amputation, suffering brain damage or dying.

If it is not treated quickly, meningitis will attack the three separate membranes which cover and protect the central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord. This is known medically as an inflammation of the meninges.

Although all healthcare professionals are trained to look after a patient’s best interests, complications can sometimes arise because of the misdiagnosis of meningitis or because a doctor or healthcare practitioner has failed to spot the symptoms quickly enough. When this happens the effects can be potentially life-changing or sometimes even fatal.


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Making A Meningitis Misdiagnosis Claim

As experienced medical negligence solicitors, we know how devastating it can be for a family that’s been failed by the healthcare system. We also understand the implications that a meningitis misdiagnosis can have, which is why we strive to obtain any ongoing support which may be needed.

We have extensive experience in the investigation of brain and spinal infection. If you or someone you love suspects that there has been a failure to receive the appropriate treatment, or the necessary standard of care, when contracting meningitis or a brain or spinal infection, we would strongly advise you to get in touch.

We won’t just help you to claim compensation, as we are committed to properly investigating what went wrong and finding out why – ensuring that lessons are leaned and more robust procedures are implemented in the future to spot the warning signs of these condition as early as possible.


What Our Clients Say

It was never about compensation it was about getting answers, and I wouldn’t have got the answers as to why Cayden died if it wasn’t for Hudgell Solicitors and Renu Daly in particular. She has been there to support me all the way and has worked around the clock to hold people to account and get the full story. I can’t speak highly enough of Hudgell Solicitors. They have been there for me when I needed them.

Gaynor McConnell


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“Gaynor has been determined to get answers following the death of Cayden and I was determined to provide them for her. 

It was a shocking breach of care – the most costly of all. Gaynor is an amazing person and is now raising awareness of meningitis by telling Cayden’s story. I am full of admiration for her and have been proud to support her.”

Renu Daly