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The need for a public inquiry into maternity failings

The need for a public inquiry into maternity failings

There are ongoing, serious concerns about maternity services at NHS trusts. Avoidable baby deaths and birth injuries are at levels not seen for two decades and are often caused by poor working culture, staff shortages and wider systemic failures.

In 2020, more than 2,000 children aged under one died in England and Wales and many more children and mothers suffered serious obstetric injuries.

Maternity departments work tirelessly at a time of unprecedented demand but are often impacted by a lack of trained specialists, such as midwives. Pressures are undoubtedly affecting the care that some women and their babies receive.

Hudgell Solicitors believes this is a national scandal and we are campaigning for a Public Inquiry to identify the relevant failures and effect positive change to improve maternity services.


Maternity care failings

Maternity care failings

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) says 65% of maternity services in England are now rated inadequate or require improvement in relation to the safety of care.

Concerns about safety are due to “poor training, poor culture and poor risk assessments”.

Investigations, inquiries and reviews into inadequate maternity services are currently underway or have been held, at a number of trusts. They include:

If you were treated by these maternity units or any another Trust and have concerns about the care you received, our medical negligence experts can provide free advice. Our role is to investigate events which led to injuries or deaths, seek clear answers as to why it happened and, if necessary, hold those responsible to account.


Maternity care negligence

Maternity care negligence

Many maternity and childbirth errors that we deal with relate to :

These incidents can be catastrophic and life-changing.


Public Inquiry

Public Inquiry

Everyone should be entitled to safe, personalised and compassionate care throughout their pregnancy. However, the cost of maternity negligence related claims continues to rise.

Childbirth related claims against the NHS cost almost £6bn in compensation in 2023.

Hudgell Solicitors believes that a Public Inquiry is crucial for those affected by maternity care negligence and a group action could, potentially, provide a faster and easier route for the settlement of certain types of maternity cases.

Our legal teams have vast amounts of expertise representing clients at Public Inquiries due to their involvement with high-profile cases which include:

Inquiries into matters of public concern can be used to establish facts, to learn lessons so that mistakes are not repeated, to restore public confidence and to determine accountability.

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Birth Trauma Inquiry - Our Submission

Birth Trauma Inquiry - Our Submission

An increasing number of maternity units have safety issues and there is increasing demand for a statutory Public Inquiry.

To tackle systemic issues only a statutory Public Inquiry can create meaningful change so that families who have suffered can be at the heart of any significant decisions that are subsequently made.

In a recent submission of evidence by Hudgells to a Westminster inquiry into birth trauma our maternity experts reported a “surge” in injury cases and told the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) that a statutory Public Inquiry into England’s maternity services is now crucial.

The birth trauma experiences of our clients were also included in the submission to the parliamentary inquiry. More than 20 women expressed their wish to share their stories as part of our campaign for meaningful change.

Read our submission to the APPG Birth Trauma Inquiry.



Client stories

Client stories

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Parliamentary Inquiry: Zahra’s Birth Trauma Experience

Zahra was one of more than 20 clients of Hudgell Solicitors to submit a statement to the Parliamentary Birth Trauma Inquiry, describing her own experience, and the impact it had on her. Zahra said: I experienced a prolonged labour and should have had an emergency caesarean section to deliver my baby. Due to prolonged deceleration of […]

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Parliamentary Inquiry: Beata’s Birth Trauma Experience

Beata was one of more than 20 clients of Hudgell Solicitors to submit a statement to the Parliamentary Birth Trauma Inquiry, describing her own experience, and the impact it had on her. Beata said: I lost my baby at full term despite having been to the hospital on many occasions with concerns due to continuing, […]

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Our client reviews

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My experience with Hudgell was absolutely incredible from start to finish, particularly with Mobeena, the solicitor behind my case. She was thorough and efficient, keeping me informed at all time. I couldn’t recommend her and the company more, it was dealt with in such a professional manner with great speed too. Thanks Mobeena and thank you to the company!
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We had our holiday sickness claim dealt with by Anne and her team, they made everything so easy for us and kept us in the loop with all developments. Would i recommend this solicitors, hell yeah they was an absolute pleasure to work with.
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Completed an online enquiry form. They called back and stated that they were too busy to take the case on! So why allow online enquiries? Clearly an unreliable and useless firm
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Chris Trousdale was the one of the youngest miscarriages of justice victims as a result of the Post Office Horizon scandal.
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What is maternity negligence or neglect in pregnancy?

Negligence during pregnancy, at birth or post-natally can arise due to oversights, incorrect advice or a failure from medical professionals to take into account pre-existing medical conditions and medication amongst other issues.

Maternity teams, including doctors, midwives or obstetricians have a duty of care to identify and manage any risks or complications and if accurate and timely advice and recommendations are not provided this can result in injury.

Maternity negligence can result in lifelong conditions for both child and mother, which can have a profound impact on the entire family.

Examples of medical negligence during pregnancy where Hudgell Solicitors have successfully represented clients include:

  • Failure to identify birth defects such as Down’s syndrome and cystic fibrosis and other conditions which may result in stillbirth.
  • Failure to monitor a mother’s existing medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.
  • Failure to diagnose illnesses, complications and injuries such as pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, placental abruption and ectopic pregnancies.
  • Miscarriage negligence as a result of a woman not being adequately monitored when she is known to be at high risk during pregnancy.
  • Failure to manage complications either before or at the time of birth can sometimes lead to lifelong birth injuries such as cerebral palsy, Erbs palsy and brachial plexus.

Other mistakes which can lead to babies being born harmed include:

  • Failure to carry out appropriate tests/investigations during pregnancy.
  • Misinterpretation of scans leading to an incorrect diagnosis/treatment.
  • Failure to act upon reduced baby’s movements during pregnancy.
  • Failure to act when a mother’s blood pressure reaches dangerous levels.
  • Failure to carry out caesarean sections when signs point to potential harm.
  • Errors during delivery causing injury, such as the use of forceps or ventouse.

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Wrongful Births

The term wrongful birth is used when babies are born with injuries or disabilities which medical professionals should have detected during pregnancy. A failure to inform mothers/parents denies them the opportunity to take a very difficult decision as to whether to continue with the pregnancy. Listen to Samantha Darwin, a senior medical negligence solicitor, explain […]

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NHS Investigation Reports

What is an NHS Investigation Report and what can you expect from one? These reports are produced by NHS Trusts following an investigation into a serious incident which occurred during a patient’s medical care. They can highlight lapses in treatment and organisational systems, such as appointments not being sent out. Reports should also identify steps […]

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