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Love Our Vulnerable and Elderly (LOVE)

A campaign for care, respect and dignity

Hudgell Solicitors is calling for CCTV systems to become compulsory in care and residential homes across the country in a bid to prevent cases of abuse and neglect of the elderly.

It follows an increasing number of cases in which concerned families have caught care home staff either abusing or neglecting their loved ones by secret filming and recording.

It also comes as Lisa Smith, 34, of Rochdale, has taken her 86-year-old father, who suffers from dementia, out of care after four years which she describes as a ‘living nightmare’.

Launching an e-petition calling on the Government to make CCTV in care and residential homes compulsory, the soon-to-be mother of three is now acting as a full-time carer for her parents, whilst holding down her own job alongside a hectic family life.

Should the petition secure 10,000 signatures, the Government will be required to provide an official response. If 100,000 sign to support the call, the matter could well be placed high on the agenda in Parliament.

Hudgell Solicitors believes compulsory CCTV will lead to improved standards and benefits for families including;

  • Increased protection against abuse, both physical and mental, by care home staff or other residents
  • Greater confidence when placing their relatives within the care industry
  • Opportunities to view the care on their relatives beyond limited visiting hours.

Benefits for care and residential home operators will include;

  • Protection for staff against false or malicious allegations of poor or abusive care
  • Clear-cut evidence against unjustified legal and insurance claims
  • Extra observational aids for caring for residents when short staffed
  • Improved security

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