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No win, no fee

You can be represented by a highly-experienced blot clot and DVT injury specialist lawyer at no upfront cost to you. Under our No Win No Fee agreement you only pay a pre-agreed percentage of the compensation awarded if your case is successful.

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Blood clot & DVT compensation

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) can be very serious because blood clots can travel to your lungs. This is called a pulmonary embolism. A pulmonary embolism can be life-threatening and needs treatment straight away.

Blood clots can be prevented following surgery if the right treatment is administered. If this isn’t done correctly, a clot can occur due to medical negligence. If this happens, you could be entitled to compensation.

Medical professionals must do everything they can to prevent blood clots from forming and are responsible for accurately diagnosing DVT and blood clots before they become serious. Treatment can include Warfarin, a blood-thinning medication, and advising you to wear compression socks or stockings 24 hours a day.

Failure to take appropriate action can result in a pulmonary embolism – a blockage in the pulmonary artery, the blood vessel which helps to carry blood from the heart to the lungs. This can be life-threatening because it prevents blood reaching the lungs.

Why the family of Michael Osborne turned to our legal expertise following his death from DVT.


Specialist blood clot & DVT injury solicitors

Specialist blood clot & DVT injury solicitors

If you’ve suffered a blood clot, which you believe could have been prevented or treated sooner by the medical professionals in charge of your care, get in touch with us today. Our dedicated medical negligence claims team have vast experience ensuring your case reflects the severity of the situation and the support you and your family need. They will:

  • Provide a compassionate and understanding service tailored to your situation.
  • Help you gain access to support services to make the best possible recovery.
  • Seek interim compensation payments where possible for medical equipment, rehabilitation, accommodation or assisted care.
  • Help you plan for any long-term care needs.

Read how we secured compensation for Tina Grace after she developed a blood clot on her lung after being sent home from hospital following surgery.

Tina Grace

Causes of blood clots & DVT

Causes of blood clots & DVT

When trying to diagnose this issue, the following factors should be taken into account by medical professionals:

  • Has the patient recently had a prolonged period of inactivity?
  • Is the patient obese?
  • Have any blood vessels been damaged?
  • Do they have any ongoing medical conditions?
  • Are blood clots genetic and run in the family?
  • Are they pregnant?
  • Has a contraceptive pill been used recently?
  • Are they undergoing hormone replacement therapy?
  • Are they a smoker?

If you suffered a blood clot which you believe could have been prevented or treated sooner by the medical professional in charge of your care, get in touch with us today.


Client stories

Client stories

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How to make a blood clot & DVT claim

How to make a claim

Make a claim in six easy steps

Step 1

Free Initial Advice

Call us, request a callback or complete our online claim form and we will assess whether we think you have a claim.

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Step 2


We will help you to decide how best to fund your claim. Usually, we will be able to offer you a No win, No fee agreement.

Step 3

Obtain Medical Records & Medical Reports

We will request copies of your medical records and instruct appropriate medical experts to prepare reports confirming whether your care was negligent and how this caused you injury.

Step 4

Letter Of Claim

We will send a letter to your healthcare provider with details of your claim, setting out why we think your case was negligent and how this caused you injury.

Step 5

Prepare Claim Valuation

We will put together a schedule of loss setting out the losses you have incurred and the extent of the injuries you have sustained.

Step 6

Negotiate Settlement

We will send all the evidence to your opponent inviting their settlement proposals. If we cannot agree a reasonable settlement, we will prepare court proceedings.

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Start your claim today

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Our client reviews

Our client reviews

We’re always committed to getting the optimum outcome for you.

Hudgell Solicitors took my case on and my expectations were exceeded. All persons at Hudgell are professional and courteous. My claim was one against Norfolk Police. Without going into details, the Police had clearly been in the wrong and were in process of accusing me of exactly what they had actually done to me and a further cover up of the truth. Hudgell took my instructions and were in contact with me during the whole process and brought about a very satisfactory outcome. To be clear...Satisfactory is a very good outcome. I would recommend Hudgell without question. I feel I have been treated respectfully and my case notes were engrained into those at Hudgell that helped me get a conclusion to the most heinous acts from the Norfolk Police.
5 Stars
Philip Moore
My brother was the victim of quite a bad motorcycle accident where he was not at fault. Sadly he only held third party cover so whilst he was in hospital I was asked by him to find a solicitor to claim against the third party. After doing some research I chose Hudgell to help us (even tho Neil Hudgell is the owner of the dreaded Hull KR and I am a massive FC fan). INITIAL CONTACT I made contact by phone and this was a simple conversation. The member of staff was very friendly and extremely helpful. All the questions I had were dealt with and I was very happy with the outcome of the call. FOLLOWING INITAL CONTACT. Within half an hour of contacting Hudgell’s a senior manager made contact with me and discussed what would happen next. Again this was very personal and really helpful. After another half an hour Sam (my brother’s now solicitor) called me. We chatted about what had happened and what he was planning to do initially. Sam was really friendly and understanding. He put me at ease right away and explained everything clearly and directly answering all questions I had. Within a week of the claim being opened Sam and Laura (Chartered Legal Executive) visited my brother in hospital. They helped put him at ease immediately and talked through what would happen, what their objectives were and also but more importantly made my brother understand that they would do everything to help him in any way he needed. After this meeting in the hospital we were happy that this claim was in safe hands. Sam the Solicitor A very friendly chap who shoots from the hip and tells you a spade is a spade. A chap who doesn’t make promises he can’t keep. A really likable man who you would want to have a pint with and we did not always look at him as the solicitor. He kept us updated at all stages and was always contactable. I did have one heated conversation with Sam BUT this was a good thing. I say this because he is very passionate about his job sometimes when a third person (me) is acting on behalf of the victim (my brother) it can be a little hard at times to please everyone. He took all we threw at him and directed us really well. Sam thank you for all your hard work, your support and the outcome. Laura Chartered Legal Executive What can I say about Laura, an absolute gem this lady is. Professional, very committed to her job, compassionate, More than helpful, caring and really cared in my opinion about my brother and his recovery. Every contact we had with Laura was amazing. She is one of those people who puts you at ease right away. Laura dealt with every problem with put at her feet, every question we had she dealt with and if she could not answer there and then she would find the answers we needed. If we had a problem she would find a solution. Again always contactable and if she could not respond immediately to a call she would call back within the business day. Laura thank you for all your hard work, Thank you for being there when we were dealing with all the problems we had. Both Sam and yourself are a credit to your company and your profession. The service provided by Hudgell’s far exceeded what we expected. If you need the services Hudgell provides then I would highly recommend your choice of solicitors is this company.
5 Stars
Mark Fox
I was represented/instructed by Mobeena Salim, who was always available when i wanted to discuss my case, which was reassuring and comforting. We were able to pressure the defendants who eventually agreed to settle and this meant we did not have the drawn out court process! Overall, i am happy with the service, only criticism is that i feel we could have settled a higher amonut if we continued negotiations. Would use this firm again! Thanks for everything.
4 Stars
S C Williams
I am sorry but the person's name that dealt with me who was admin was Natasha - my name is definitely not Natalie but obviously it shows how much attention you pay to people's particulars and case details. So sorry not interested in your services - as previously mentioned when it comes to medical negligence, you are impersonal, inefficient and inaccurate. Also the comment went on TP on the 22nd March and you provided yet another generic response on the 2nd April.
1 Stars
Calista Harrison
Chris Trousdale was the one of the youngest miscarriages of justice victims as a result of the Post Office Horizon scandal.
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What are blood clots?

Blood clots are very common. Symptoms may have resulted from a period of immobility, including long haul flights and time spent in bed after surgery.

Blood clots can be prevented following surgery but only if the right treatment is administered.

A blood clot it is a mass of blood that has changed from liquid to a gel-like or semi-solid state. Thousands of people in the UK develop a blood clot in a vein every year. This is more popularly known in the medical profession as venous thromboembolism (VTE), which also encompasses:

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT): A blood clot in a deep vein in the body, such as the leg. Pulmonary embolism: A blood clot in the blood vessel which is responsible for carrying your blood from the heart to the lungs.

How do blood clots happen?

Whilst people presume long haul flights are the cause, which is sometimes the case, lengthy periods of inactivity or immobility after surgery can also lead to a blood clot.

Blood clots like this can result in permanent damage or long-term pain relating to the area of surgery. In extreme cases, the blood clot can travel around the body to the lung, which can result in death.

What will the compensation for a blood clot cover?

The amount of compensation awarded for a blood clot injury depends on the type and severity of the problems experienced.

However, all of the following factors will be taken into account:

  • Impact on your current and future social life.
  • Loss of earnings, now and in the future.
  • Pain and discomfort.
  • Reduced mobility.
  • Expenses incurred.

How long after a blood clot can I make a compensation claim?

Usually you have three years from suffering the blood clot, or from the date when you realised the blood clot was caused as a result of negligence, to make a claim.

For claimants who are aged under 18, the three-year time limit starts on their 18th birthday and ends the day they turn 21 and any blood clot compensation claims must begin during this time.

In cases where a blood clot has resulted in a fatality, the victim’s family or loved ones have three years from the date they died to start a claim or three years from the date of knowledge of the blood clot.

If the person who has suffered the blood clot lacks capacity the time limit maybe disapplied.

Was I properly advised on my treatment options?

Doctors and surgeons are not allowed to carry out any medical treatment unless the patient – or their next of kin – has been fully informed of any potential risks and any alternative treatment options available.

Patients should be fully involved in decisions relating to their medical treatment and be able to make an informed choice about the treatment they receive.

Our team at Hudgell Solicitors has represented many clients who have undergone treatments or been given medication, unaware of potential future complications or issues. Common examples include:

  • Failing to inform patients of the potential risks of operations / treatments.
  • Failing to warn patients of potential side effects of treatments / medications.
  • Failing to inform patient of alternative treatment options.
  • Failing to warn of patients of potential complications during /following surgery.
  • Failing to inform patients that further surgery may still be required.
  • Failing to provide accurate information on the expertise of surgeons.
  • Failing to offer options other than surgery.
  • Failing to consult fully with mothers / parents on birth delivery plans / options.

Read more about consent here: Failure to Obtain Informed Consent

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Speak to one of our advisors
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