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Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

Thankfully, our healthcare system usually delivers the highest level of service. But if something does go wrong – and you receive substandard care from someone like a surgeon, GP, or nurse– our medical negligence solicitors can help you start a compensation claim.

We understand that no amount of compensation can change what’s happened, but starting a clinical negligence claim could put you on the road to relieving some financial pressures caused by the accident – whether that’s paying for medical treatment, rehabilitation, or covering loss of earnings to help you get back on track.

Our specialist team of medical negligence solicitors have nearly 20 years’ experience to put into even the most complex of cases.

We can give advice on pursuing a complaint through the healthcare system, including assistance with drafting a complaint, if appropriate. We will also provide thorough advice on what the outcome of your medical negligence claim is likely to be from the outset so that you feel reassured every step of the way.

Download a copy of our complaints letter now.

The Hudgell Promise

When we take on any case, we want you to feel reassured and confident in every aspect of your claim. That’s why we offer a service that puts your needs over and above anything else.

1Schedule our first meeting within 24 hours

2Return your phone call or email the very same day if received before 3pm

3Reply to any letter you send us within 2 days

4Write to you every 4 weeks with any updates or information on your case

*Our promise is different for criminal injury claims

what is it

What is medical negligence?

Medical negligence, also known as clinical negligence, is when a medical professional or organisation provides substandard care to a patient resulting in injury or illness, or in some instances, make an existing condition worse.

When claiming for clinical negligence compensation, there are two pieces of evidence that need to be proven true:

  • The healthcare professional or organisation failed to carry out their duty of care.
  • Avoidable harm was caused because of the negligence.

Medical negligence claim types

If you or a member of your family has come to harm because of clinical negligence, you have a right to seek compensation for your injuries. Contact a member of our specialist team if you have suffered from any of the following:

Delay in diagnosis, or misdiagnosis

Finding out a diagnosis later than expected can not only be stressful, it can also cause an illness to worsen and increase the time it takes to recover. Misdiagnosis can also be life-threatening. If you’ve received the wrong treatment or no treatment at all, the severity of your condition may worsen, and it may be too late to receive life-changing treatment going forward.

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GP errors, incorrect treatment, medicines, advice, or prescriptions

Errors such as incorrect treatment, bad advice from a GP, or even receiving medication with the wrong label on the packet can have harmful repercussions – from overdose to an illness going unproperly treated.

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Sepsis errors and mistakes

Sepsis cases can be described as preventable errors, which are events the NHS regards as wholly avoidable if the official procedures were followed correctly. Infection causes sepsis, and infection can be avoided by following proper hygiene practices.

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Dental negligence or poor treatment at the dentist

If you’ve suffered due to inadequate healthcare from a dentist that caused you unnecessary pain or a serious injury, you may be able to receive dental negligence compensation. Dental negligence can include anything from the wrong tooth being pulled out to more serious incidents that result in permanent nerve damage.

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Birth negligence or medical failures during childbirth

Childbirth is safer than ever before, but accidents can happen. Birth negligence or medical failures during childbirth can range from anything from inappropriate use of equipment during delivery to failure to diagnose injuries, infections, or unidentified complications that may harm the baby during or after giving birth.

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Hospital negligence or ill treatment during a hospital visit

If mistakes are made at any point during your hospital visit, such as delay in treatment that can make your injury worse, surgical mistakes or hospital-related infections, you may be entitled to claim for hospital negligence.

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Will my medical negligence claim be no win no fee?

All medical negligence cases taken by Hudgell Solicitors are handled on a no win no fee basis. This means that you will not have to pay any money up front and there will be no financial risk if your case is unsuccessful.

If your case is successful, from dental negligenceclaims to cancer misdiagnosis, you will only be expected to pay a contribution to your solicitor’s fees once the case has been resolved. The costs paid are usually a percentage of the compensation awarded and will be agreed before your case is carried out.

£50,000 damages for patient after hospital removed cast after just two wee...

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Missed infection developed into sepsis and kidney abscess

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Death of patient left without vital medication

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£50,000 damages for patient after hospital removed cast after just two wee...

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Missed infection developed into sepsis and kidney abscess

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Death of patient left without vital medication

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Our Experts

Vince Shore

Senior Solicitor and Joint Head of Clinical Negligence

About Vince

Clinical negligence claims solicitor specialising in handling high-value claims, gathering expert advice and consultation on care needs to ensure that the compensation reflects the level of support required to give the best quality of life to clients. Heading the team, Vince offers a tactically astute attention to detail ensuring the best possible outcome in what are often complex cases.

Chris Moore

Senior Solicitor and Joint Head of Clinical Negligence

About Chris

Senior solicitor with over 20 years experience now specialising in complex, high-value cases including brain injury, birth injury, or claims where the individual has suffered a stroke, resulting in permanent injury and paralysis with a track record of securing six and seven-figure settlements. Chris is a member of the Law Society’s specialist Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Panels.

Nick Stojanovic

Senior Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

About Nick

I predominantly deal with cases against medical and dental healthcare providers. My cases are varied and include all areas of clinical negligence. Prior to my focusing on healthcare negligence I worked on cases and claims involving road traffic collisions, claims involving local authorities, employers, building owners and product liability.

Paul Cain

Senior Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

About Paul

I specialise in healthcare litigation against medical and dental healthcare providers.  Examples of cases I have brought on behalf of injured parties include complex medical issues such as cauda equina syndrome, birth negligence, cosmetic surgery, failure to diagnose various cancers and failure to diagnose strokes and surgical errors. My background from the outset of my career has always been in high value, complex, heavily contested claims, having worked in the multi-track department.

Dimple Raja

Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

About Dimple

I handle a wide variety of clinical negligence and dental negligence cases, but have a particular interest in claims relating to birth injuries and the nervous system. I have extensive experience in handling claims for children who are brain damaged at birth, or as a result of failures in NHS care. I handle claims for people who have had poor care for conditions requiring brain or spinal surgery, or who have had substandard treatment for neurological conditions such as spinal cord compression.

Lauren Dale

Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

About Lauren

My strength lies in simplifying the claims process for victims of medical negligence, and their families. I understand how difficult it can be to take action after a traumatic experience, particularly when people have been badly let down by a healthcare professional they thought they could trust. On this basis, I always work hard to give my clients the highest level of support, guiding them through the complex claims process to help secure justice for them and their family.

Tasmin White

Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

About Tasmin

My expertise includes claims involving GP failure to refer patients to specialists, delays in diagnosis of cancer, failure to diagnose or mismanagement of fractures, neglect in nursing homes and avoidable periodontal disease. My strengths are in providing a personal touch. I take special care to get to know each client so I can support them through what is often a distressing and emotional time, and ensure each and every client receives the highest level of client care.

Sarah Scully

Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

About Sarah

I work on a wide range of medical and dental negligence matters. I have a particular interest in delay in diagnosis of cancer claims and also maternal birth injury claims. My clients feel that I provide a no nonsense legal and medical jargon free approach to their cases which I feel is really important as I want my client’s to feel that they are involved and understand the claim at all stages. I understand that it can be very daunting dealing with a claim or even a solicitor and I want my clients to feel totally at ease when dealing with me.

Sue Jackson

Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

About Sue

I work on a wide range of medical and dental negligence matters. I have a particular interest in delay in diagnosis of cancer claims and also maternal birth injury claims. My clients feel that I provide a no nonsense legal and medical jargon free approach to their cases which I feel is really important as I want my client’s to feel that they are involved and understand the claim at all stages. I understand that it can be very daunting dealing with a claim or even a solicitor and I want my clients to feel totally at ease when dealing with me.

Michelle Tebbutt

Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

About Michelle

I cover all areas of medical and dental negligence but I have a particular interest in orthopaedic claims relating to lower and upper limbs and the spine, oncological claims, surgical errors and GP liability claims

Laura Larkin

Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

About Laura

I work in the medical negligence team at the Leeds office handling a  mixed caseload of medical and dental negligence claims including fatal claims and complex, high value injuries.  I deal with both litigated and non-litigated cases on a daily basis.

Sam Thompson

Chartered Legal Executive, Clinical Negligence

About Sam

One of my key strengths is an ability to simplify the law and legal procedure, making what can often be quite complicated easy for my clients to understand.  I have the ability to review and simplify complex evidence and to understand the real issues quickly.  I have detailed knowledge of civil procedure and litigation. I like working on cases in which there is complex evidence and when there is a real argument.

Shauna Page

Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

About Shauna

I act for both victims of medical negligence and their families following fatal accidents, and pride myself in being open and honest. The claim process can be very daunting for someone who has lost trust in professionals. I therefore ensure I provide my clients with the highest level of support throughout the process and have an ability to explain the process whilst avoiding unnecessary technical or legal jargon.

Ashleigh Dance

Claims Handler, Clinical Negligence

About Ashleigh

The main focus of my case load is dental negligence, ranging from claims as little as £1,000 to more in depth cases relating to periodontal disease, which could be as high as £65,000. I also have experience in dealing with orthopaedic cases involving missed fractures and prescription errors.

Kirsty Yates

Claims Handler, Clinical Negligence

About Kirsty

I handle a wide array of medical negligence claims, including pressure sores, mistakes made in surgery, delays in diagnosis, and dental negligence. I try to explain the dealings of the claim in simple terms, cutting out the legal jargon and making it a little easier for an everyday person to digest.

Rachel O'Connor

Claims Handler, Clinical Negligence

About Rachel

Helena Wood

Team Supervisor and Chartered Legal Executive, Clinical Negligence

About Helena

I specialise in clinical negligence claims. I deal with a wide range of cases including birth injury, gynaecological and obstetric claims, delayed diagnosis of cancer claims, claims involving surgical errors, delayed diagnosis of fracture and orthopaedic claims, cosmetic surgery and dental claims.

Hayley Collinson

Team Supervisor and Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

About Hayley

I cover all areas of medical and dental negligence but I have a particular interest in birth injury claims, claims relating to the development of pressure sores and general failings in nursing care, cancer-related claims, and surgical errors and mismanaged orthopaedic injuries.

Josie Robinson

Senior Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

About Josie

I am a dual-qualified solicitor and physiotherapist and am able to draw on my medical knowledge and clinical experience, particularly when discussing the often complex medical issues with expert doctors and other health care professionals, who are instructed to comment on the care clients have received. I have developed a niche area of expertise in acting for professional sports men and women who have received negligent medical care following injury. This can impact significantly on their performance and at worst can lead to the end of their career and substantial loss of earnings.

Nicola Bailey-Gibbs

Solicitor and Manager, Criminal Injuries

About Nicola

As the manager of our criminal injury compensation team, Nicola has years of experience in handling complex cases on behalf of victims of violent crime, and specialises in delivering appropriate rehabilitation and support to every client. Nicola’s expertise in handling cases of public liability and road traffic claims has led her to take charge of the criminal injury team, where her meticulous approach and depth of knowledge guarantees the best possible outcome for claimants.

Jodi Newton

Senior Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

About Jodi

I have developed a strong practice in misdiagnosis, with misdiagnosis cases arising out of fatal misdiagnosis in children, cancer patients and missed blood clots and pulmonary embolisms. I have experience in cases of maximum severity arising from misdiagnosis including cases leading to amputation, blindness, brain injuries and sepsis

Simon Wilson

Senior Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

About Simon

I have successfully dealt with a large number of cases involving damage to the gall bladder during surgery. I deal with clients in a no-nonsense approach to resolve their cases as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s my job to make sure our team are trained in techniques to help ensure the client feels comfortable to share their experience and confident with the service we can provide.

Amanda Stevens

Senior Solicitor, Chief Executive

About Amanda

With a legal career of over 25 years Amanda has had the privilege of looking after people pursuing small, moderate and large injury claims. Recently she has specialised in claims involving more complex injury and clinical negligence cases where injuries have been severe or long-lasting, such as acquired brain and spinal cord injury for both adults and children (including many cerebral palsy claims), fatalities, missed diagnosis claims and diabetic amputees.

Medical Negligence: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I make a claim?


If you or someone you know has been a victim of medical negligence, the first step is to contact our team of experts. They’ll conduct a free, no-obligation consultation to talk about what happened and to help understand whether we think you have a claim.

The data you submit will only be used by Hudgell Solicitors and only for the purpose of dealing with your enquiry.

Our specialist team will  do all they can to take the worry and hassle out of making a claim and gather all the medical evidence to build your case, and gain any future care or treatments needed.

Q. Is there a time limit for medical negligence claims?


There is usually a three-year time limit for claiming medical negligence compensation. This time limit will run from either the date that the negligence occurred or from when you first became aware of the injury being caused by negligence.

Q. Are there exceptions to this time limit?

  • Children

For under 18s, the three-year time limit for claiming compensation does not apply. However, when a child does turn 18, the three-year time limit comes into effect on their birthday and legal proceedings must start before their 21st birthday.

  • Adults without mental capacity at the time of the alleged negligence

The time limitation does not begin until the legal incapacity is removed or, in the case of a patient being treated under the Mental Health Act 1983, from when they are discharged as a patient.

Q. How is a medical negligence claim funded?


Our clinical and medical negligence claims are funded through a no win no fee agreement, meaning there is no financial risk to you.

There are several other routes that may be available to you, including:

  • Legal Aid
  • Legal expense insurance
  • Conditional fee agreement
  • Private funding
  • Please see our Funding Optionsfor full details on funding options available.

Q. Why should I make a claim?


A claim will be able to provide financial compensation which will go towards making life more manageable following the incident. Money could go towards enabling you to have the best quality of life and covering any expenses or loss of earnings that you may have incurred along the way.

We will take into account factors such as further treatments needed, possible adaptations to your home, or care costs that may have arisen following the negligence.

Q. Do I have to make a complaint about my medical negligence?


It is not always compensation that is sought when someone has been affected by substandard medical treatment. Often people seek an apology for the suffering that has been caused and to be assured it won’t happen to anyone else.

Our solicitors can talk you through the process of making a complaint, should this be all you wish to do, and can give advice on whether you should consider  pursuing a claim.

Q. How do I make a complaint following medical negligence?


For more information on making a formal complaint about medical treatment and possible medical negligence, we have a dedicated guide and a downloadable letter template.

Medical Negligence Compensation Amounts

Compensation following a medical negligence claim can vary widely depending on the impact the incident has had on you. Any amount depends entirely on your individual circumstances, but you may find it helpful to know what compensation we have achieved for others like you.


Mr Alex Rea following misdiagnosis


For Vicky following dental negligence


Mr Guy Jackson due to dental negligence


Mr David Stewart after errors during a spinal procedure

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Support In Making A Clinical Negligence Claim

Hudgell Solicitors has one of the UK’s leading medical negligence compensation claims teams, led by specialists with decades of experience in handling high-value, complex cases to support those with serious and life-changing injuries.

Led by Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel members Amanda Stevens and Chris Moore, each has more than 20 years’ experience of handling cases involving serious brain injuries, birth injuries, spinal cord cases and supporting clients with cerebral palsy.

Our solicitors support clients across the UK who have suffered negligence at their GP surgery, in hospital, at a dentist or optician, or within a residential or care home, securing compensation settlements and putting rehabilitation at the heart of their work to help our clients make the best possible recovery.

what is it

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Wherever you are in the UK, we can help. Simply call us or fill out a form about your claim and we’ll be in touch about connecting you with a solicitor near you. We have offices all over the country:

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Support in making a claim

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