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Public Inquiry funding

Our team at Hudgell Solicitors have represented at a number of public inquiries where public funding has been secured to enable our clients to take part. We are committed to ensuring our clients have the best legal representation and we work to ensure funding is in place.

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Failings highlighted

Failings highlighted

Hudgell Solicitors’ legal team represented the families of two people who were killed in the Manchester Arena bombing at the long-running Public Inquiry.

In three volumes of findings, Inquiry Chairman Sir John Saunders highlighted failures to implement proper levels of security, that ‘significant aspects’ of the emergency response “went wrong”, and how MI5 missed a ‘significant’ opportunity to prevent Salman Abedi carrying out the attack which left 22 people dead.

Our legal team, led by Associate Solicitor Terry Wilcox, Manager of Public Inquiries, represented Core Participants in the Inquiry who lost loved ones in the attack.


Representing the family of Sorrell Leczkowski

Sorrell Leczkowski

We represented Samantha Leczkowski, mother of Sorrell Leczkowski, from Leeds, who was aged just 14 when she was killed.

Sorrell had gone to the Manchester Arena with her family to pick up her sister. Her mother Samantha and grandmother Pauline were also both seriously injured in the blast, but survived.

Her family described her as a ‘very happy, positive and caring girl’ who would ‘light up the room as she entered singing and dancing’ with a ‘long, fun-filled life ahead of her’.

She was ‘hungry for knowledge’ and dreamed of studying in New York to become an architect.


Representing the family of Philip Tron

Philip Tron

We represented June Tron, Rachel Noble, Michael Tron and Ken Mullen, the family of Philip Tron, 32, of Gateshead.

Philip had driven with his mother, June, and his partner to collect his partner’s 14-year-old daughter. Both Philip and his partner’s 19-year-old daughter died in the blast.

One of five siblings and with a daughter of his own, Philip was described by his family as someone with a ‘huge personality and heart’ and a ‘good sense of humour’, always teasing his mother, and doing jobs for her.


Client stories

Client stories

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manchester arena terror attack victim martin hibbert is represented by hudgell solicitors

Judge prevents claim that ‘Manchester bombing didn’t happen’ from being used as a defence against survivors’ harassment case for damages

A High Court Judge today blocked a man from claiming the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing didn’t happen as part of his defence to a legal claim brought against him – labelling his conspiracy theories as ‘preposterous’, ‘absurd’ and ‘fantastical’. Hudgell Solicitors represent survivor Martin Hibbert in a civil claim for harassment, misuse of private information […]

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Legal team raises concerns over ‘obsessively secretive’ approach to security services evidence at Manchester Arena Inquiry

A legal team representing the families of seven people killed in the Manchester Arena bombing has expressed ‘grave misgivings’ over ‘obsessive secrecy’ surrounding the security services section of evidence at the ongoing Public Inquiry. Pete Weatherby QC, who is instructed by Hudgell Solicitors and is acting on behalf of the families of Sorrell Leczkowski, 14, […]

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Manchester Arena news

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‘Survivors are forever haunted by seeing lives lost and being left alone for so long – lessons must be learned over security and rescue planning’

Survivor Ruth Murrell says life for her family has been ‘forever changed’ after being involved in the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017. Ruth and her daughter Emily, who was 12 at the time, were both badly injured in the attack, spending weeks in hospital afterwards and needing to undergo numerous operations to remove shrapnel from […]

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Manchester Arena Inquiry statement: Time has come to hold organisations to account over shocking failings

Hudgell Solicitors represents the families of Sorrell Leczkowski, 14, and Philip Tron, 32, who were killed, and also more than 150 injured survivors of the 2017 Manchester Arena Bombing. Following today’s publication of the second volume of findings at the Manchester Arena Inquiry, by Chairman Sir John Saunders, Solicitor Neil Hudgell, of Hudgell Solicitors, said: “This […]

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Former counter terrorism officer caught in Manchester Arena bombing says there was ‘failure on every level’ to ‘protect, plan and rescue’

As a long serving police and counter terrorism officer, Andrea Bradbury was better equipped than most to cope in the horror of being at the centre of a terrorist bombing attack. Yet more than five years since the events at Manchester Arena in May 2017, she says the painful memories linked to that day will […]

10 min read time
manchester arena bombing compensation

Statement on “defamation and harassment” of Manchester Arena bombing survivors

Solicitor Neil Hudgell said: “A number of our clients, including Martin Hibbert, have instructed us to issue proceedings against a named individual for defamation and harassment, including a claim in damages as well as for restraining injunctions. “These relate to outlandish claims following the Manchester Arena atrocity that our clients are not genuine and did […]

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Our client reviews

Our client reviews

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Hudgell Solicitors took my case on and my expectations were exceeded. All persons at Hudgell are professional and courteous. My claim was one against Norfolk Police. Without going into details, the Police had clearly been in the wrong and were in process of accusing me of exactly what they had actually done to me and a further cover up of the truth. Hudgell took my instructions and were in contact with me during the whole process and brought about a very satisfactory outcome. To be clear...Satisfactory is a very good outcome. I would recommend Hudgell without question. I feel I have been treated respectfully and my case notes were engrained into those at Hudgell that helped me get a conclusion to the most heinous acts from the Norfolk Police.
5 Stars
Philip Moore
My brother was the victim of quite a bad motorcycle accident where he was not at fault. Sadly he only held third party cover so whilst he was in hospital I was asked by him to find a solicitor to claim against the third party. After doing some research I chose Hudgell to help us (even tho Neil Hudgell is the owner of the dreaded Hull KR and I am a massive FC fan). INITIAL CONTACT I made contact by phone and this was a simple conversation. The member of staff was very friendly and extremely helpful. All the questions I had were dealt with and I was very happy with the outcome of the call. FOLLOWING INITAL CONTACT. Within half an hour of contacting Hudgell’s a senior manager made contact with me and discussed what would happen next. Again this was very personal and really helpful. After another half an hour Sam (my brother’s now solicitor) called me. We chatted about what had happened and what he was planning to do initially. Sam was really friendly and understanding. He put me at ease right away and explained everything clearly and directly answering all questions I had. Within a week of the claim being opened Sam and Laura (Chartered Legal Executive) visited my brother in hospital. They helped put him at ease immediately and talked through what would happen, what their objectives were and also but more importantly made my brother understand that they would do everything to help him in any way he needed. After this meeting in the hospital we were happy that this claim was in safe hands. Sam the Solicitor A very friendly chap who shoots from the hip and tells you a spade is a spade. A chap who doesn’t make promises he can’t keep. A really likable man who you would want to have a pint with and we did not always look at him as the solicitor. He kept us updated at all stages and was always contactable. I did have one heated conversation with Sam BUT this was a good thing. I say this because he is very passionate about his job sometimes when a third person (me) is acting on behalf of the victim (my brother) it can be a little hard at times to please everyone. He took all we threw at him and directed us really well. Sam thank you for all your hard work, your support and the outcome. Laura Chartered Legal Executive What can I say about Laura, an absolute gem this lady is. Professional, very committed to her job, compassionate, More than helpful, caring and really cared in my opinion about my brother and his recovery. Every contact we had with Laura was amazing. She is one of those people who puts you at ease right away. Laura dealt with every problem with put at her feet, every question we had she dealt with and if she could not answer there and then she would find the answers we needed. If we had a problem she would find a solution. Again always contactable and if she could not respond immediately to a call she would call back within the business day. Laura thank you for all your hard work, Thank you for being there when we were dealing with all the problems we had. Both Sam and yourself are a credit to your company and your profession. The service provided by Hudgell’s far exceeded what we expected. If you need the services Hudgell provides then I would highly recommend your choice of solicitors is this company.
5 Stars
Mark Fox
I was represented/instructed by Mobeena Salim, who was always available when i wanted to discuss my case, which was reassuring and comforting. We were able to pressure the defendants who eventually agreed to settle and this meant we did not have the drawn out court process! Overall, i am happy with the service, only criticism is that i feel we could have settled a higher amonut if we continued negotiations. Would use this firm again! Thanks for everything.
4 Stars
S C Williams
I am sorry but the person's name that dealt with me who was admin was Natasha - my name is definitely not Natalie but obviously it shows how much attention you pay to people's particulars and case details. So sorry not interested in your services - as previously mentioned when it comes to medical negligence, you are impersonal, inefficient and inaccurate. Also the comment went on TP on the 22nd March and you provided yet another generic response on the 2nd April.
1 Stars
Calista Harrison
Chris Trousdale was the one of the youngest miscarriages of justice victims as a result of the Post Office Horizon scandal.
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What were the findings of Volume 1, which considered whether security arrangements were sufficient?

This section addressed the security arrangements, missed opportunities for detecting and stopping Salman Abedi, or reducing the harm he caused.

The findings of this volume were published in June 2021 and highlighted failures relating implementing proper security; the training of security guards; the recruitment of appropriate staff; planning for events; event risk assessments; monitoring of the site; CCTV monitoring and the failure to identify the blind spot in which Salman Abedi hid prior to detonating his bomb.

Following the publication of the first volume of findings, Neil Hudgell, executive chairman of Hudgell Solicitors, and part of our Manchester Arena Inquiry legal team, said;

“This inquiry has strongly demonstrated that there was an inexcusable catalogue of failings at every level which made the venue an attractive target to a terrorist attack, failed to deter or prevent the outrage, and as a result contributed to the loss of life and injury.

“Significantly, at the time, despite the country’s national threat level for a terrorist attack being classed as severe, the Government did not have laws in place to enforce venues such as the Manchester Arena and other concert venues to take appropriate counter-terrorism measures in such an environment.

“As a result of these combined failings, thousands of young people who attended the concert on that night were left an open and vulnerable target for terrorists because the security around the venue and event was nowhere near what it needed to be. There were gaps and failings galore.”

What were the findings of Volume 2, which considered whether the emergency response was adequate?

This volume dealt with the emergency response to the attack and examined the planning and preparation by the responders. The report was published on November 3, 2022, and included 149 recommendations.

Inquiry chairman Sir John Saunders said “significant aspects” of the emergency response “went wrong” and concluded that it was likely that failings had prevented 28-year-old John Atkinson’s survival.

He said he could not rule out the possibility that the youngest victim of the attack, eight-year-old Saffie-Rose Roussos, could have been saved with better treatment.

Following the publication of the second volume of findings, Neil Hudgell, executive chairman and part of our Manchester Arena Inquiry legal team, said: “When the bomb was detonated, a well-organised, reactive, properly co-ordinated, decisive and brave response was needed at speed. Those injured sadly got an emergency response which was completely under-planned and ill-prepared, which was chaotically led, hesitant, and fearful.

“It left seriously injured people feeling abandoned and alone during the most terrifying moments of their lives, denying some the chance of coming away from the attack with their lives intact. The response was simply shameful.

“There was no clear communication across emergency services to enable decisive decision-making to be made. This ultimately resulted in the rescue of people from inside the area not being made the number one priority. How can that be the basis of any major incident response, where it is known there have been multiple life-threatening injuries and deaths?

“People who could potentially have been saved lost their lives whilst emergency crews were held outside for their own safety. It was therefore left to ordinary members of the public, many badly injured themselves, to help others.”

What were the findings of Volume 3, which asked whether the attack should have been prevented?

Chairman Sir John Saunders said MI5 missed a “significant” opportunity to take action that might have prevented Abedi carrying out the attack.

In the months leading up to the attack, security services had obtained two key pieces of intelligence about Abedi but did not share them with local counterterrorism police,

Had they done so, Abedi could have been subject to a “port stop” under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 when he flew into Manchester Airport from Libya on 18 May 2017.

Sir John said it has been a “real possibility” that Abedi had the switch for the bomb used in the attack in his possession at the airport.

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