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Funding options

There are many ways you can fund your case.

At Hudgell Solicitors, we are committed to fighting for the people who need us the most, not those who can pay the most.

We’re open and upfront about our charges, so you know what to expect and you don’t get any nasty surprises.

The best funding option for you will depend on the nature of your case and your personal circumstances.

No Win No Fee

Many of the cases we handle are funded by ‘No Win No Fee’ agreements. We always consider other funding options too but frequently this is the best option

Under our ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement (also called a ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’ or ‘CFA’) we share the risk with you. This means that we only get paid if you win your case. If you lose then you will not have to pay a penny.

If your case is successful, we will try to recover our charges and expenses from your opponent (the person or party at fault), but you may have to pay some of these. However, unlike many law firms, we guarantee to cap the amount  that will be deducted from any settlement so that, from the beginning of your case, you have complete clarity on how much you may be charged. There are no further hidden charges, and your lawyer will explain how this works in more detail. We call this the ‘Hudgells’ Price Promise.’

We’ll also never ask you to pay anything towards the cost of bringing your claim unless we have won your case or you have personally breached the terms of the No Win No Fee agreement. This means that you will not be asked to pay upfront for any outlays we have to make as your case progresses such as court fees and expert reports.

However, a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement isn’t the only way of funding a compensation case.

Here are a few of the other options you might want to consider.

When you’re ready to go ahead we’ll be happy to talk to you about your chosen funding choice or, if you’d prefer, you can email us at

Legal Aid / Legal Help

Legal Aid or Legal Help is a government funded scheme provided through the Legal Aid Agency which is designed for people who cannot afford to pay all or some of their legal costs.

As part of the process of applying for Legal Aid or Legal Help, you will normally have to demonstrate that you cannot afford to pay for legal representation.

Legal Aid or Legal Help funding can only be offered by a limited number of specialist law firms. These firms are chosen by the Legal Aid Agency using a rigorous selection process which ensures that each firm has the necessary skill and expertise to carry out legal aid work.

We’re proud to be one of these firms and are committed to offering Legal Aid/Legal Help where possible.

We currently offer Legal Aid or Legal Help for a range of cases involving actions against the police or a state body as well as inquests and claims involving potential Human Rights Act breaches.

We also offer Legal Aid funding for certain types of medical negligence compensation claims (usually involving children who have a neurological injury that has resulted in severe disability, which has been sustained either through pregnancy, during the birth or the first eight weeks of the child’s life).

Once we have discussed your case with you, we will advise you on whether Legal Aid or Legal Help is available to you and your lawyer will discuss the application process in more detail.

Legal Expenses Insurance

People are often surprised to find that policies like motor, home contents, and travel insurance policies sometimes include legal expenses cover.

It’s often an optional extra, but it’s always worth checking all your insurance policies to see if they do offer legal expenses cover to you or a member of your household.

In some cases, it is also included with your bank account or credit card.

If so, we’ll be happy to help you contact your insurer, bank or credit card company to see if they will fund your compensation claim.

If you or someone in your household does not currently have legal expenses insurance but did at the time when the accident or incident occurred, it might still be possible to claim legal expenses cover via your insurer.

Trade Union Funding

If you or a someone in your household is a member of a trade union, you may be entitled to advice and representation as part of your/their membership subscription.

If you or someone in your household is not currently a member of a trade union but were at the time when the accident or incident occurred, it might still be possible to claim legal expenses cover from the union.

If you are unsure whether your trade union provides legal expenses cover, let us know and we’ll make enquires on your behalf.

Private Funding

You’re entitled to fund your case from your own funds, although we would normally recommend against this if you are pursuing a claim for compensation. This is because all cases carry an element of risk and there is no guarantee that even if you win your case, you’ll be able to recover all of your legal costs from your opponent.

If you are thinking about funding your case privately, we’ll discuss rates and costs projections in detail with you once we have completed an assessment of your claim.

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