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Fighting for the people who need us the most, not those who can pay the most.


Options for funding your case

There are different ways to fund your case. The best option for you will depend on the nature of your case and your personal circumstances. Here are the choices available:

  • No Win, No Fee.
  • Legal Aid / Legal Help.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance.
  • Trade Union Funding.
  • Private Funding.

At Hudgell Solicitors, we are committed to fighting for the people who need our help the most, not those who can pay the most. We are transparent about our fees, so you know what to expect and avoid any nasty surprises.

Funding options in detail

No Win, No Fee

Many of the cases we handle are funded through ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreements. We always explore other funding options, but often, this is the most suitable choice.

With our ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement (also known as a ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’ or ‘CFA’), we share the risk with you. Simply put, we only get paid if you win your case. If you don’t win, you won’t owe us anything.

In the event of a successful case, we aim to recover our charges and expenses from the party responsible (the person or party at fault). However, you may need to contribute to these costs.

What sets us apart from many law firms is our commitment to capping the amount deducted from any settlement. This means right from the start of your case, you’ll have a clear understanding of any potential charges. We call this the “Hudgells’ Price Promise.”

There are no hidden fees, and your lawyer will provide a detailed explanation of this process. Importantly, we will never request upfront payments for case-related expenses like court fees and expert reports unless we’ve secured a victory in your case, or you have breached the terms of the ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement.

No win, no fee

Legal Aid & Legal Help

At Hudgell Solicitors, we take pride in being among the select few legal firms dedicated to offering Legal Aid and Legal Help whenever possible.

Legal Aid and Legal Help are government-funded schemes administered by the Legal Aid Agency, designed to assist individuals who may not have the means to cover their entire legal expenses.

When applying for Legal Aid or Legal Help, you’ll typically need to demonstrate that you can’t afford to pay for legal representation.

Legal Aid/Legal Help is only available at a limited number of specialised law firms. The Legal Aid Agency employs a rigorous selection process to ensure that each firm possesses the requisite skills and expertise for legal aid work.

Currently, we offer Legal Aid/Legal Help for various cases: actions against the police or a state body, inquests and claims involving potential breaches of the Human Rights Act.

Additionally, we offer Legal Aid funding for specific types of medical negligence compensation claims, primarily involving children who have sustained neurological injuries leading to severe disability during pregnancy, childbirth, or the first eight weeks of a child’s life.

After discussing your case with you, we will assess whether Legal Aid or Legal Help is available and guide you through the application process in more detail, with your dedicated lawyer offering expert advice.

Legal Expenses Insurance

You might be surprised to learn that your home, car, and travel insurance policies sometimes include legal expenses cover.

It’s often an optional add-on, so it’s a good idea to review all your policies to check if they provide legal expenses coverage for you or a household member. In some cases, this coverage is even included with your bank account or credit card.

If you discover that you have legal expenses insurance, we are here to assist you in reaching out to your insurer, bank, or credit card company to explore the possibility of funding your case.

Even if you or someone in your household didn’t have legal expenses insurance at the time of the accident or incident, there may still be a chance to claim legal expenses cover through your insurer.

Trade Union Funding

If you or someone in your household is a trade union member, you may have access to advice and representation as part of your membership subscription.

Even if you or a household member are no longer part of a trade union but were at the time of the accident or incident, there may still be an opportunity to seek legal expenses coverage from the union.

If you’re uncertain about whether your trade union offers legal expenses cover, please inform us, and we’ll enquire on your behalf.

Private Funding

You have the option to finance your case using your own funds, but we generally advise against this, especially if you’re seeking compensation.

The reason for this is that every case involves some level of risk, and even if you win, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to recover all your legal costs from the other party.

If you are considering private funding for your case, we will have a detailed discussion about rates and costs estimates after we have assessed your claim.

Our client reviews

We’re always committed to getting the optimum outcome for you.

We were put in touch with Hudgell Solicitors through the Advocate to represent us on a pro-bono basis. They assigned Iftikhar Manzoor and he has been fantastic- very down to earth and easy to talk to. Any queries are answered quickly, and there seems to be a real understanding of concerns raised regarding the inquest of a close family member. We are so very grateful of the support they have given us so far, and extremely confident in their ability to achieve the result we hope for.
5 Stars
Imogen Greenaway
I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Hudgell Solicitors. Iftikhar Manzoors exceptional handling of our daughter's inquest showcased unwavering kindness, respect, and diligence. They provided invaluable emotional support throughout the process and, with dedication, secured the conclusion necessary for justice. Choosing Hudgell Solicitor is a decision you can trust for compassionate and effective legal representation”
5 Stars
Carole Butler
Been speaking with a lovely lady called Karolina Jedrych, she has helped me with my first Steps , making sure I’m well informed and understanding what’s happing along the way. Made me feel at ease and confident that I have chosen this team to help me . Thank you very much
5 Stars
The lady who is assisting me with my case is very helpful and understanding her name is karolina I would recommend this company without hesitation many thanks
5 Stars
Michael Parker
Chris Trousdale was the one of the youngest miscarriages of justice victims as a result of the Post Office Horizon scandal.
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