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Our firm is committed to avoiding discrimination in its dealings with clients, personnel and all other third parties that have dealings with the practice.  We are also committed to promoting diversity in all our professional activities.

At Hudgells we:

  • promote equality and diversity in our policies, practices and procedures and in all areas of our work in which it has influence.
  • oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination.

Individuals that make our practice special

  • Hudgell Solicitors is committed to creating an environment where people are respected as individuals. Everyone is treated fairly, equally and with attention, courtesy and respect.
  • We recognise the benefits of a diverse workforce and during our recruitment process, anyone who applies for a position at Hudgell Solicitors will be treated equally and fairly. We are committed to avoiding discrimination in our dealings with our clients, our staff and all other third parties that we may deal with.
  • We also have a commitment to working with disabled people though our community projects and we are committed to making reasonable adjustments for those with disability in relation to job opportunities, promotion and training and provision of services to our client.
  • We apply the same policy in our treatment of our clients, other lawyers, experts and barristers instructed by us in the treatment of any other third parties.
  • Our HR team monitors the equality and diversity of staff and collates annual data for submission to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which is published in their diversity report.


At Hudgell Solicitors a number of our employees have flexible working arrangements and we provide maternity and shared parental leave entitlements. We also retain valuable skills and experience by providing flexible working arrangements for those returning after a long period of leave.


We are committed to becoming an employer of first choice for lawyers, secretaries and support staff in the regions where our offices are based (Hull and Manchester). Our management teams are dedicated to applying best practice in their management and development of all our people and we encourage company-wide feedback and suggestions from all. We run a Hudgell Wellbeing Day for all our staff actively assisting everyone to maintain their own good health. We assist our people with supporting local and national charitable initiatives. The Neil Hudgell Trust has provided financial support to over 300 communities, sports and other groups.

SRA July 2021 diversity survey key statistics:

82% of the firm responded to the survey (94 out of 115 staff members at the time of sending)

Gender: (all staff that responded)

Male – 26.1%
Female – 72.7%
Prefer not to say – 1.1%

Age: (all staff that responded)

16-24 – 12.5%
25-34 – 31.8%
35-44 – 27.3%
45-54 – 14.8%
55-64 – 10.2%
65+ – 2.3%
Prefer not to say – 1.1%

Ethnicity: (Grouped by higher level ethnicity categories and not sub-categories to avoid anyone being identifiable) (all staff that responded)

Asian/Asian British – 4.5%
Black/Black British – 0%
Mixed/Multiple ethnic group – 0%
White – 95.4%
Other ethnic group – 0%
Prefer not to say – 2.3%

(total above 100% due to software rounding)

Type of school attended between the ages of 11-16 (all staff that responded)

State run or state funded school selective on grounds on academic, faith or other grounds – 29.5%
State run on state funded school non selective – 63.6%
Independent/fee paying school or
Independent/fee paying school where bursary provided 90% of tuition fees – 6.8%
Prefer not to say – 1.1%

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