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We recognise that employment matters can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether it is providing advice on entering into an employment contract or you are in a conflict with colleagues or your employer and not sure what to do, we are here to help.

Many conflicts can be resolved internally within the organisation and sometimes, all you need is a bit of guidance and a steer to put you back on track.  On occasion, conflicts for whatever reason cannot be resolved and it may be that assistance is required to initiate an employment tribunal claim.  Should this occur, we can guide you through the process and can be there alongside you.

Settlement agreement

If you have been offered or received a settlement agreement, you will need to take legal advice on the terms.  Settlement agreements can be used for a whole range of reasons and often have some form of financial benefit.  Employers will usually contribute to your legal costs in taking advice so if you have received a settlement, please do give us a call.


If you are facing redundancy or been informed that you will be made redundant, it can seem unfair especially if others are unaffected.  If you do think your selection for redundancy is unfair, get in touch with us.


A conflict at work whether with a colleague or an employer can often have a negative impact.  You may feel like you are not being listened to and do not know which way to turn.  We can discuss the conflict with you and look at the options for a swift resolution.

Unfair dismissal

Any dismissal can seem harsh and unfair.  If however you have been dismissed, have over two years continuous service and feel that the dismissal is unfair, please do get in touch and talk to us.


Unfortunately discrimination is still occurring despite various measures put in place over the years to prevent it.  If you do believe that you are or have been discriminated against in the workplace, please do not suffer in silence.  We are here to listen and advise.

Price and Service Transparency

We want to be upfront and transparent with you regarding our services and costs to ensure that you can make an informed choice when involved in legal action.

In support of this ethos, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) who regulate our industry, also want prospective clients to be able to make a choice based on upfront, no-nonsense information.

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