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Employment Law

Employment Law Services

Employment law is an area that is likely to affect most of us at some point in our lives whether as an employer or an employee.  

From preparing and entering into an employment contract through to the sometimes tricky aspects of a termination, our dedicated team are here to help.  With over a decade of experience specialising in employment law we can advise and represent you on a wide range of employment law issues.  Offering practical, straightforward advice and solutions, we will work with you to achieve your objectives.

Common Issues

  • Breach of contract
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Settlement agreements
  • Redundancy and reorganisation
  • Disciplinary and grievance
  • Discrimination
  • Unlawful deductions and unpaid wages
  • Working time
  • Holiday pay
  • Transfer of Undertakings
  • Whistleblowing

Making it Simple

When you get in touch, we offer jargon-free, professional advice, answering your questions with clarity, precision and simplicity. We will go over the most cost-effective ways to deal with your matter aligned with the best approach in achieving your objective. Employment law doesn't have to be difficult and our friendly team is dedicated to working with you every step of the way! Get in touch with us for a friendly and a confidential chat today.

  • Led by employment specialist Joanne Wright who holds over 10 years experience in all areas of employment law.
  • All aspects of the employment relationship from recruitment through to termination and everything else in between is covered.
  • We can issue and defend claims in the employment tribunal.
  • Highly experienced in contentious matters and will issue and defend claims in the employment tribunal.






Joanne is a highly experienced employment solicitor and a member of commended institutes including The Employment Lawyers Association (ELA) and of the HR Inner Circle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time limit for employment claims?
As a general rule, there is a time limit of 3 months less 1 day to issue a claim. The clock starts to tick usually from the date of the incident such as the date of dismissal or the date of an act of discrimination (or the last date in a series of acts).
What steps should I take before a claim is issued at tribunal?
In the vast majority of cases, the Claimant (employee) will need to go through a process with ACAS called Early Conciliation. This process gives the parties an early opportunity to resolve their issues.
Settlement Agreements – what are they and what do they do?
Settlement Agreements (formerly known as compromise agreements) are issued for a wide variety of reasons and can be a useful tool. In return for some form of consideration (usually financial), an employee will agree to waive a number of legal rights giving an employer some peace of mind that they will not be sued.

Legal Advice for Employers

Employment is a fundamental aspect of any business regardless of size or activity. People are what can make a business but also break a business. We offer a range of services which are aimed to assist employers navigate the intricacies of employment law with clarity.

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Legal Advice for Employees

We recognise that employment matters can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Whether it is providing advice on entering into an employment contract or you are in a conflict with colleagues or your employer and not sure what to do, we are here to help.

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Price and Service Transparency

We want to be upfront and transparent with you regarding our services and costs to ensure that you can make an informed choice when involved in legal action.

In support of this ethos, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) who regulate our industry, also want prospective clients to be able to make a choice based on upfront, no-nonsense information.

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