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No win, no fee

Instruct an experienced criminal injuries lawyer today at no upfront cost. Under our no win, no fee agreement you will only pay a pre-agreed percentage of the compensation you are awarded if your case is successful.

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What are criminal injuries?

What are criminal injuries?

If you have been injured as a result of a violent crime or suffered abuse, you have a right to seek compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). Compensation awards range from £1,000 to a maximum of £500,000.

We recommend you seek advice from our specialist CICA claims team to ensure you secure the maximum compensation, the process will also be simpler.

In 60% of cases where CICA makes an award of £25,000 and above a solicitor represents the applicant.

We are experienced in working with CICA to ensure you get the highest amount of compensation possible, taking into consideration not only the impact the crime had on you physically and psychologically, but also in terms of the impact it has had on your earnings.

We also help many clients appeal against CICA decisions, securing increased award amounts. Often these are six-times higher than the original offer.

Decades of experience

Decades of experience

We’re one of the UK’s leading criminal injuries compensation claims teams.

Our specialist CICA specialists have decades of combined experience in succeeding, even in the most complex cases.

Our criminal injury lawyers will take the time to understand what you’re going through and will work to help you get the compensation you need to make the best recovery possible.


Making a criminal injury claim

How to make a claim

Make a claim in six easy steps

Step 1

Free Initial Advice

Call us, request a callback or complete our online claim form and we will assess whether we think you have a claim.

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Step 2


We will help you to decide how best to fund your claim. Usually we will be able to offer you a No win, No fee agreement.

Step 3

Submit CICA application

We will gather details of your claim, complete and submit an application online.

Step 4

Obtain Medical Records & Medical Reports

We will request copies of your medical records and gather evidence to support any loss of earnings claim.

Step 5

Negotiate Settlement

The CICA will confirm whether they accept your claim and, if accepted, they will make an offer. We will assess the CICA’s decision and advise you whether it should be accepted, reviewed or appealed.

Step 6


We will make submissions on your behalf in any appeal where we believe their decision or offer is incorrect.

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Client Stories

Client stories

Ensuring you get the criminal injury compensation you deserve

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man seriously assaulted was successfully represented in criminal injury compensation claim by hudgell solicitors

Compensation for man who suffered fractured skull in unprovoked group attack

A man who suffered a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain when the victim of an unprovoked assault has been awarded damages by a Government scheme which provides compensation to people who are the victims of violent crime. The man, who asked not to be named, was attacked by a group people whilst waiting […]

Our client reviews

Our client reviews

We’re always committed to getting the optimum outcome for you.

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5 Stars
Perfect service from start to finish, all helpful advice with a satisfactory outcome.
5 Stars
Mr Cadmen
A driver accelerated into my pushbike whilst stopped for a pedestrian to cross the road. Luckily I had cameras both front and rear. Meaning I could try to pursue the insurer of the vehicle through the solicitors team (GDPR got in the way of getting info about the driver from the police). I'd spoken to 2 solicitors, 1 cycle uk, was very evasive and didn't know if they would take on the case. I was pointed in the direction of Hudgells via a friend who'd also won a case with them. I spoken to Susan Richardson. She took on my case immediately. As this was a local solicitor. I was able to drop off the footage from both cameras almost immediately. I had a slight brain injury so was probably not easy to deal with because my brain would just stop mid sentence and I couldn't get my words out. Sue was extremely patient with me. She broke everything down so I could understand what was going on. But better still. In order for me to heal both mentally and physically. I requested that I could distance myself from the case. I gave her full control, she popped back to me as she needed information. But, she allowed me to distance myself to heal. I wouldn't have wanted to deal with the insurance companies myself. It appeared to me they tried to wriggle, squirm and drag it out. Any way. The whole case from beginning to end took 1 year for the case to complete and a pay out to be made. I won my case! I dealt with Sue from start to finish. Thank you Sue and thank you Hudgells. Highly recommended.
5 Stars
Anna Kelly
Very efficient
5 Stars
Chris Trousdale was the one of the youngest miscarriages of justice victims as a result of the Post Office Horizon scandal.
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What kind of injuries can I claim for?

You can claim compensation for any injury, either physical or psychological, that you received in an act of criminal violence. These could include (but are not limited to);

  • Brain injury.
  • Fractures.
  • Dental injuries.
  • Mental injuries.

If you’re not sure whether you are eligible for compensation, you can always talk to the Hudgell Solicitors Criminal Injuries Team, by requesting a call or filling in our claim form.

What is the CICA?

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a government-run organisation set up to deal with compensation claims for blameless victims of crime.

The CICA is funded by the Ministry of Justice, and awards compensation ranging from £1,000 to a maximum of £500,000 to people who have been mentally or physically injured due to criminal assault, as well as to victims of physical and sexual abuse.

Am I eligible to claim criminal injury compensation?

If you have been the victim of a crime of violence in England, Scotland or Wales then you could be eligible for compensation. The person or persons who injured you do not need to have been identified, charged with, or convicted of a crime.

The CICA is able to offer awards if it there is enough evidence to show that a crime was committed.

We have helped many people claim compensation in cases where the assailant has died, even when the allegations were never subject to a police investigation when they were alive.

The burden of proof is less in civil claims than in criminal cases. If enough evidence can be presented to demonstrate that the allegations are true, claims can be successful.

You may also be eligible to claim compensation if you have been injured whilst taking reasonable steps to prevent a crime, or if you have been psychologically damaged by witnessing a loved one become a victim of a violent crime.

It’s important that you have reported the offence to the police as soon as reasonably practicable. This usually means within 48 hours unless exceptional circumstances prevented you from doing so. Different rules apply in cases of domestic and sexual abuse.

How long do I have to make a claim?

In most cases, you will need to begin your compensation claim within two years of the crime being committed. There are exceptions to this rule which we can discuss with you. These include:

  • If the claim is for a child then the two year time limit begins from their 18th birthday, as long as the crime was reported to the police while they were still a child.
  • If the claim is for historical abuse then the time limit starts as soon as the abuse is reported to the police.
  • If there are exceptional circumstances – such as the person making the claim having diminished mental capacity – the CICA may allow claims outside of the time limit.

Whether you have been injured recently or the claim is historical, it’s always best to claim as soon as possible. If you would like to discuss your options, request a call or fill in our claim form and we’ll be in touch.

Can I claim on behalf of someone else?

If someone is unable to make a claim compensation themselves then it is possible for you to claim on their behalf. This might include making a claim for someone under the age of 18, claiming for someone with diminished mental capacity or claiming for someone with life changing injuries.

You may also be able to claim a Bereavement Award if you have lost a loved one as the result of a violent crime.

If you’re not sure, you can always contact the Hudgell Solicitors Criminal Injuries Team, by requesting a call or filling in our claim form for a free, no obligation consultation.

How much compensation will I get?

The amount of compensation you receive for a criminal injury claim will depend on the injury you sustained.

It could range from £1,000 to as much as £500,000. Payment will be assessed from a government document called the CICA Scheme 2012 (PDF).

You can learn more from our criminal injuries guide.

If you have a successful claim for multiple injuries, you will receive the full compensation amount for the most severe injury, and a percentage of the amount for two further injuries.

If this seems complicated don’t worry; Hudgell Solicitors can help you to work through your options. Simply request a call or fill in our claim form and we’ll be in touch.

You can find out more about the compensation we have secured in our ‘Client Stories’.

How long will my claim take?

On average, CICA compensation claims take around 18 months to complete. Cases involving more serious injuries can take longer, and some straightforward cases can conclude much more quickly.

Can I appeal a CICA award?

According to the CICA around 30% of its awards were changed following a successful appeal.

Applicants who disagree with a decision can request a review and, if still dissatisfied can appeal to an independent panel.

In one case our client, with the specialist support of our CICA claims experts, was eventually awarded almost £130,000 for physical and mental injuries following an earlier offer of £1,500.

Hudgell Solicitors are experts in Criminal Injuries Compensation Awards, we understand that as a victim of crime, how much compensation you are awarded from CICA, could depend on the evidence you submit with your claim.

Free legal advice could lead to a substantial increase to your CICA award.

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