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November 3rd 2021

Accidents at Work

Man secures £55,000 damages after steel sheet slices through finger in accident at work

Becci Bilby

Becci Bilby

Legal Executive, Personal Injury

Man secures £55,000 damages after steel sheet slices through finger in accident at work

A 23-year-old man has received £55,000 in accident at work compensation after a steel sheet sliced through his left index finger.

A 23-year-old man has received £55,000 in accident at work compensation after a steel sheet sliced through his left index finger.

The man, who instructed Hudgell Solicitors’ Personal Injury team to make a work injury claim, was working as a steel erector and cladder at the time of the workplace accident.

On the day he was injured at work, our client and his boss were three weeks into a job cladding a company’s building with steel.

The sheets of steel used for the job, which were around nine metres long and a metre wide, needed to be trimmed to the correct size before being erected.

The sheets are normally laid across the floor to cut. However, on this occasion, our client was asked to trim the steel sheet whilst his boss was holding it upright resting on a foam block.

But as our client was trimming the steel, his boss lost his grip on it causing it to slip from the foam block and drop a couple of inches, catching the man’s left index finger and trapping it against the concrete ground. As a result, the sheet cut into the finger and created a flap of skin as he pulled his hand away.

Man left unable to straighten finger after accident at work

The accident at work left our client in a lot of pain and the wound was pouring with blood. He had a towel placed on it and he attended the local hospital, where he had the finger numbed, realigned and 10 stitches put in at A&E.

The severe cut also caused damage to the nerves and tendons in his left index finger and a chip to the bone.

The man, who returned to work the following day fearing he would lose his job, had sessions with a physiotherapist following the workplace accident.

However, the finger has been left permanently in a bent position which stops him from holding screws, using drills and doing various other tasks.

‘Hypersensitive’ finger limits tasks man is able to carry out after being injured at work

The man made the decision to make an accident at work claim against his former employer after being made redundant and Becci Bilby, Legal Executive in the Personal Injury team at Hudgell Solicitors, represented him in the case.

She said: “According to the medical expert we instructed in the case, my client went on to develop hypersensitivity and he probably had an element of complex regional pain syndrome.

“He has been unable to continue as a steel erector as the sheets are too heavy and his grip too weak to perform this job safely.

“He has problems with the sensation at the end of his left index finger and finds it difficult carrying out many day-to-day tasks, such as holding a knife or phone, putting on clothes or doing up shoe laces.

“He finds his whole hand tends to ache as he keeps his index finger out of the way all the time to prevent it from being knocked. He can’t even put his hand in his pocket as he finds it very painful as he catches his index finger.

“As well as impacting his ability on the work front, my client also used to enjoy playing football twice a week but has stopped that since the injury.”

The medical expert in the case, a consultant plastic, reconstructive and hand surgeon, stated in his report in the work injury claim that he would “classify the man as disabled under the Disability Discrimination Act”.

Liability was admitted in the work injury claim and Mrs Bilby was able to secure her client £55,000 in accident at work compensation.

If you have suffered an accident at work and believe you may be eligible to make a claim, contact us today for free, no obligation advice on your case. Click here to get in touch >> 

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