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Cyclist injured in hit-and-run awarded £18,000 compensation, despite driver not being caught

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A cyclist who was on his way to collect his child from nursery when he was knocked off his bike by a motorbike rider has been awarded £17,807 in compensation.

Despite the motorbike rider responsible never being traced, the father-of-two, who suffered a broken wrist in the accident, was compensated by the English Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) in his successful personal injury claim.

The MIB is a not-for-profit company set up by motor insurers to compensate victims of motor accidents involving uninsured drivers; it also provides a route for the victims of ‘hit and run’ accidents to claim damages for injuries caused by a person who cannot be traced.

The father-of-two young children, who had to borrow from relatives while off work with his injuries, says he had no idea the MIB existed until he contacted Hudgell Solicitors.

“I was looking online to see if there was anything I could do and when I contacted Hudgells they explained they could take up my case through the MIB; it’s been absolutely brilliant.”

‘As I was turning this motorbike came out of nowhere’

The man, who was aged 29 when the accident happened and had cycled since he was a child, was on 21st Avenue, in north Hull on a summer’s afternoon when he was hit.

“I was cycling to the nursery to pick up my child, which is something I normally did and then we’d walk back home together. As I was turning in this motorbike came out of nowhere on the wrong side of the road and knocked me off my bike,” he recalled.

The motorcyclist failed to stop and passers-by helped him up from the road and into the nursery. He and his child were then driven home by a friend.

Later that evening, at Hull Royal Infirmary A&E department, he was diagnosed with two fractures in his wrist and was also treated for soft tissue damage to his leg.

Unable to work for three months, the father said he also struggled with the psychological effects of the accident, “If I was outside and I heard loud noises from a motorbike it would make me really nervous and I didn’t want to cycle either,” he said.

Police closed case as driver had not been identified

The accident was immediately reported to Humberside Police, but eventually the investigating officer called to say the case was being closed as the driver had not been identified and the motorbike had no number plates.

“I was a bit disappointed to be honest, no-one had come out to see if I was ok and it really could have been a lot more serious.”

‘This accident had a profound effect on work and family life’

His case was taken up by Hudgell Solicitors’ personal injury litigation executive Rebecca Cone, who has many years of experience successfully representing clients involved in road traffic accident claims.

“I couldn’t have asked for better, she has been great from start to finish. The compensation has really helped. I’ve been able to pay people back who helped us at the time; we can now take the kids out again as they’ve also missed out,” he said.

Ms Cone said, “It has been a privilege to help my client get back on his feet again and be able to plan his future.

“This was an accident that really had a profound effect on his work and family life.

“The effects of the injury were serious, and as part of the compensation settlement we ensured that he was also provided with private physiotherapy sessions as well as access to a psychologist.

“Not everyone involved in a road traffic accident is aware of the MIB. Some may think that because a driver is uninsured or not traced, they can’t claim the compensation they fully deserve, but this case shows that’s certainly not the case.”

The man, who now plans to buy a new bicycle, says the sessions with the psychologist were helpful as they provided coping strategies for when he is outside and feeling nervous due to loud traffic noises.

“Cycling has been my only transport because I don’t drive. The bike was a write-off due to the accident and I couldn’t afford to replace it, now, with the compensation and thanks to the time with the psychologist I will be cycling again,” he said.

Specialists in Cycling Accident Claims

Should you or a loved one be injured in a cycling accident which wasn’t your fault, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

Our team of cycling accident compensation experts have vast experience and expertise in supporting clients through the claims process.

We can offer expert advice not only on cycle accident compensation, but also on rehabilitation, and provision of access to specialist medical care and support services. There’s also damage to your bike and your belongings which can be expensive to repair or replace.

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