Wrongful Arrest Compensation

Many people live by the old adage of “there’s no smoke without fire”, so when somebody is wrongfully arrested in relation to a serious offence, it can have a highly damaging and entirely unfair long-term impact on their lives.

In many of the wrongful arrest claims against police forces we handle at Hudgell Solicitors, the victims are honest, upstanding members of society who have, through no fault of their own, found themselves wrongly accused.

These have included a man wrongly arrested for murder and locked up for 36 hours, and another who was led away by police from his place of work, wrongly accused of committing a sexual assault.

In both cases, the investigating police forces soon realised the errors of their ways, and both men were told they had no case to answer. However, the damage had already been done.

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Whilst we all understand, and to a degree accept, that wrongful arrests will happen as part of the police trying to get to the bottom of cases, there still has to be a genuine reason for each and every arrest carried out. If not, it could be considered unlawful.

The power to arrest a citizen should only be used by the police as a last resort. There must be a lawful reason to make an arrest in the first place, otherwise this can be considered to be a wrongful arrest.

Any equipment used by the police, such as batons, tear gas Taser guns or firearms, will also be taken into account when a decision is being made as to whether the force used was reasonable and lawful.

When making an arrest, police must follow a set procedure, and amongst other things, the arresting officer must identify themselves, tell the individual what crime they are suspected of having committed and explain why an arrest is necessary.

Wrongful arrest claims are can restore unfairly damaged reputations

When people turn to our team at Hudgell Solicitors after being wrongfully arrested they are often understandably very angry. However, their motivation is not usually about revenge or financial compensation, but about restoring their reputation and standing in their community.

They are usually badly affected by the horrendous period they and their families have been put through. It can impact not only on their family and friends, but also at work.

People can find themselves suspended from their jobs for a long period of time, as did a magistrate we successfully represented who was wrongly accused of committing a crime.

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Making a claim for wrongful arrest against the police

Our team at Hudgell Solicitors are highly experienced in supporting people who have been wrongfully arrested in making claims against the police force involved.

If you feel you were wrongfully arrested, call our police claims team today for free advice, as time limits do apply to these claims.

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