Human Rights Breaches By Police Claims

Under the Human Rights Act, everyone has the right to respect for their private and family lives, their home and their correspondence. It is in place to ensure all are treated fairly, equally, and with dignity, and are afforded the ‘right to life’ at all times.

This means that police forces across the UK, under Article 2 of the Act, are required to safeguard the lives of everyone by having effective criminal legislation, and properly enforcing it.

They are therefore required and expected to take reasonable steps to protect an individual if they know, or ought to know, that there is a real and immediate risk to their life.

At Hudgell Solicitors, we have represented clients in claims against the police relating to the alleged breach of Article 2.

This is often when police forces face criticism and investigation (often through the Independent Office for Police Conduct) for failing in their duties to fully investigate crimes, or for failing to properly care for an individual in custody, resulting in the loss of life.

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Data Protection breaches by UK police forces

Our team at Hudgell Solicitors have represented many clients who have been the victims of Data Protection breaches through police forces misusing their personal information.

Sadly, the requirement to protect the private information of individuals appears to be a responsibility increasingly overlooked by police forces across the UK as they go about their daily duties.

Police forces naturally acquire sensitive information on many people as they gather evidence, information which is unfair to divulge to others and could cause future prejudice against an individual who has done no wrong.

It is this information that the police have a duty to protect and respect.

There have been many cases of Data Protection breaches in recent times, often due to the police forces involved overlooking their duty to always protect the privacy of those they hold information on.

In times when we are all increasingly subjected to information gathering, and when many organisations collate information on individuals in almost every aspect of life, much greater responsibility is falling on those who hold sensitive and private details to ensure they remain confidential.

Only when there are concerns over national security, public safety, the prevention of crime or protection of the rights and freedoms of others can that privacy protection be breached.

Making a compensation claim under the Human Rights Act

Our team at Hudgell Solicitors has extensive knowledge and experience in handling cases relating to human rights laws, the right to life and data protection.

We can offer free legal advice, and promise to make the claims process as simple and as stress free for you as possible, looking to secure admissions of errors and the maximum possible compensation settlement.

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