Abuse Claims

Abuse of any form can have a long-lasting impact on both the lives of those affected and their loved ones.

It is often something most find extremely difficult to discuss, even with those closest to them, leaving many trying to face what happened to them alone for years, or even decades.

At Hudgell Solicitors, we look to support all those carrying the burden of having being abused at some point in their lives. We seek to help those who have suffered sexual abuse, physical abuse, child abuse (including historic abuse cases), rape, male rape, those left pregnant from rape and victims of child exploitation.

People come to us often feeling isolated and alone, having been unable to share their hurt and suffering, despite sometimes having a clear wish to see those responsible held to account.

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Confidential Help and Support

Our focus is on ensuring the people who turn to us know they can do so with complete confidentiality, whether they turn to us for an informal discussion and general advice, or wish to pursue a claim in relation to the abuse they suffered.

Providing a confidential support service is our biggest commitment to those who seek our help. The information we are trusted with stays confidential at all times. This means that your lawyer will be under an obligation to keep your identity secret, as will all information you confide in us with.

We will always ask if you are comfortable with the information you provide to us being shared as part of the legal process, and all information shared will remain strictly confidential, regardless of the outcome.

Expert Help Throughout Your Abuse Claim

Our team supports those who have suffered sexual abuse, physical abuse, child abuse (including historic abuse cases), rape, male rape, those left pregnant from rape and those who have been victims of child exploitation.

People turning to us will speak only to lawyers with considerable experience, expertise, and appreciation of how difficult making that very first call can be.

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Renu Daly

Solicitor, Clinical Negligence

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Legal Executive, Criminal Injuries

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“The people and support networks are out there to talk to. As someone who plays a small part in that overall support package, helping people take a first step towards hopefully finding some closure is always something I am immensely proud to do.”

Renu Daly