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Simon on the Streets

Simon on the Streets was founded in 1999 and operates in Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield, a charity that supports the homeless community, in particular, entrenched rough sleepers who find themselves with nowhere else to turn.

It provides ‘unconditional support’ aimed at empowering them to improve their self-image and begin to think about making positive changes in their lives.

Hudgell Staff

Their aim is to bring people leading solitary, harmful lives, with little or no vision for a better future, in from the margins of society. The charity will achieve this by supporting people to find aspirations and giving unlimited opportunities to achieve sustainable positive change.

As part of Neil Hudgell Trust support, five staff members took part in its annual ‘Sleep With Simon’ fundraiser in October 2017, a challenge in which people face a night in the open to not only raise funds through sponsorship, but to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the issues the homeless face, and as a result have a deeper sense of empathy for those who live that way every day.

Our team raised in excess of £1,000 for the charity on the night, adding to our initial donation of £5,000.

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