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Using a mobile phone while driving can have devastating consequences. In the seconds it takes to make a call, check a text or choose a song, you, someone you know or a stranger travelling home with their children could see life change forever.

#SWITCHOFF is an ongoing road safety campaign raising awareness of the dangers of using a phone at the wheel. Through our experience in dealing with road traffic accident claims, we see the life-changing impact car and motorbike crashes have — and all because someone made the decision to check their phone while driving.

1 in 8 road accidents is caused by drivers fiddling with a smartphone. We want to change that. Our #SWITCHOFF campaign doesn’t shy away from the tragic cost of using a phone while driving. We want drivers of all ages to recognise the risk they take when checking their mobile, and think twice the next time they get behind the wheel.

The images chosen to support #SWITCHOFF are designed to shock, reminding motorists of the shattering impact of using a phone in the car. We work with people whose lives are ruined by road accidents, and feel that strong messages are justified to change people’s attitudes to using mobiles at the wheel.

“The aim is to make people think when they see these images and the messages they carry, with the clearest message of all being to switch off their mobiles before starting out on any journey.”

Jane Woodcock

Our aim throughout National Road Safety Week is always to highlight issues around road safety to all ages. With almost half of drivers admitting to using a handheld mobile phone when in stationary traffic, and almost a third saying they had made a call whilst driving, the firm says such strong messages are justified.

Our Progress

Launched to coincide with Road Safety Week 2016, #SWITCHOFF saw us team up with several road safety and serious injury charities to raise awareness of the dangers of using a phone in the car.

We worked with Road Safety GB on a social campaign to remind drivers to switch their phone off at the wheel, sharing hard-hitting images which show the devastating impact of driving distractions. Road Safety GB does incredible work in preventing traffic accidents, and we were proud to collaborate with them to share the important message of switching phones off when driving.

We also joined forces with the Brain Injury Group in support of Brake’s Make the Brake Pledge campaign. The campaign helped promote six simple things drivers can do to improve safety and reduce emissions, leading to safer roads for all.

As part of Road Safety Week, we took part in an event raising awareness for safety among young children. Schoolchildren in three schools in Hull and Guildford were asked to create road safety posters promoting safe driving habits, with prizes awarded to the designs most likely to persuade their family and friends to think twice when driving.


Our Commitment

Since launching the #SWITCHOFF campaign, we’ve continued raising awareness, publishing the latest accident statistics to highlight the ongoing problem of mobiles at the wheel. Despite tougher penalties for using a phone while driving, motorists continue to make calls and read texts on the road — putting themselves and others at risk.


At Hudgell Solicitors, we support those affected by road traffic accidents, offering advice, guidance and rehabilitative care when lives have been turned upside-down in the aftermath of a crash. We’ll continue campaigning for motorists to #SWITCHOFF at the wheel in the hope that drivers get the message about the dangers and consequences of using a mobile phone while driving.

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