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Love Our Vulnerable Elderly (LOVE) is a Hudgell Solicitors campaign calling for the elderly to be loved, protected, respected and cared for with dignity in all healthcare environments.

It recognises the plight of elderly people who rely on residential care or need hospital treatment, but are then badly let down, causing avoidable suffering.

Our campaign seeks to tackle the problems of both neglect and abuse — empowering people to take an active approach to safeguarding the most vulnerable in our society.

Through our work, we handle many claims against care homes and hospitals in which we see the devastating impact poor care can have on the elderly and vulnerable. Everyone deserves care, respect and dignity in later life, and our campaign seeks to achieve this.

Our aim is to ensure improvements are made across the health and care services with regards to elderly care, and to give families more support and guidance in safeguarding their loved ones.

Our Progress

We introduced the LOVE campaign in 2016, and have been overwhelmed by the support we’ve had from those affected.

Having supported a number of families whose loved ones had been abused and neglected, our initial work saw us petition the Government to consider making the use of CCTV mandatory in care and residential homes, in a bid to prevent future cases and deter misconduct across the sector.

Our petition received over 12,000 signatures in support, enough to trigger an official response from the Government, which said it did not object to the use of CCTV cameras in care homes on a case by case basis.

Official guidance is now provided by the Care Quality Commission to advice relatives on how they can use secret filming if they believe their loved ones are being abused or neglected.

While there’s no doubt our campaign helped to kick-start an important debate into the safeguarding of vulnerable people in care, recent statistics suggest that more must be done to help protect our elderly from the tragic consequences of abuse and neglect.

As the social care funding gap widens, GPs have reported a huge rise in elderly abuse and neglect cases, with more than 5,600 social services referrals in 2015/16.

There is now real concern that the UK’s social care sector is beyond repair, and that the most vulnerable will bear the brunt of ongoing spending cuts, lack of resources and poor management of services and care.

Give Me Dignity

In June 2018, to mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, we launched ‘Give Me Dignity’, aimed at raising awareness of the continuing examples of poor and neglectful care, and urging families to speak out for their loved ones. We pledged to;

  • Highlight cases in which appalling and avoidable healthcare failings are made which deny the elderly their dignity, at times when they are at their most vulnerable.
  • Encourage and advise families to question and, if needed, challenge the care their loved ones receive in hospitals and care homes.
  • Provide advice and guidance for relatives on how best to look out for their loved ones when taken into hospital or care home environments,
  • Continue to support families by righting wrongs and challenging poor care, neglect and abuse through our legal expertise.


Through the LOVE campaign, it’s our mission to provide relatives of vulnerable people with advice and guidance on all aspects of care — be it tips on choosing the best care home or help with spotting the signs of neglect and abuse.

With useful resources available on a range of topics related to adequate safeguarding, we want our campaign hub to help the elderly enjoy the respect, dignity and love they deserve.

Please stand with us and campaign for care, respect and dignity for our vulnerable elderly. We pledge to continue fighting for the rights of elderly people who have suffered, and to improve the way future generations are cared for when they most need it.

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