An Introduction From Neil

The legal world is now a very different place to when I first set up shop on 1st September 1997 and so is this law practice. We started as a local firm and are now a leading specialist litigation practice, representing thousands of clients across the UK.

Our recipe for success is to never be afraid to take an opportunity, never be afraid of change and not to worry about making mischief along the way. At a time of turbulence in our areas of work, this still holds true and I am proud of what we have achieved over the past year and more.

Appointing Amanda Stevens as Chief Executive was a vital part of the vision for the future, and she explains in this review just how much has been done and achieved in a very short time. Our new strategy reflects that we are not content to just keep going as we are, despite our success.

Our collaborative business model, with senior solicitors leading specialist teams, allows us to respond swiftly to our clients and facilitates speedier decision-making across the firm.

Hudgell Annual Review 2017-2018 (pdf)

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