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What support is there for parents and carers with children who have cerebral palsy?

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Cerebral palsy is a complicated neurological condition and its symptoms often differ from person to person. It not only impacts the lives of those diagnosed with the condition but also the people that love and care for them.

At Hudgell Solicitors, we understand that cerebral palsy symptoms can put great strain on both the physical and mental health of those affected by the condition, as well as those around them. We advocate for cerebral palsy support and believe that there should be more cerebral palsy help for parents.

In this article, we will signpost parents and caregivers to local and national support groups. These cerebral palsy associations across the UK can help with supporting children with cerebral palsy, as well as their families. 

How does cerebral palsy affect parents and carers?

Parents and caregivers play an important role in helping a child with cerebral palsy. Offering comfort, love, and support they also often become a medical expert, therapist, and teachers.

In fact, studies show that caring for a child with cerebral palsy affects a parent’s physical well-being, social well-being, freedom and independence, family well-being, and financial stability.

They will take on numerous responsibilities unique to those with cerebral palsy, from childhood to adulthood. Parents and carers face many worries and concerns, such as whether a person with cerebral palsy can live on their own to making important medical decisions.

Medical professionals, legal experts, and local councils can help with many aspects of living with cerebral palsy. However, it is also essential that families have adequate emotional support systems. Going to support groups or using a helpline allows parents and carers to ask questions and get the advice they need.

Cerebral palsy charities and support groups

If your loved one has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, there are many charities and UK support groups offering practical help and impartial advice. Cerebral palsy helplines can aid both those diagnosed with the condition and their support systems, whether that is parents, carers, siblings, or partners.

Here is a list we have put together where you may be able to find support on a local and national level.


Scope, a cerebral palsy charity serving England and Wales, aims to ensure disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. They provide support, information and advice to thousands of people and the families affected by cerebral palsy every year.


Call: 0808 800 3333

Email: [email protected]

Brain & Spine Foundation

The only UK charity providing nationwide information and support for every one of the 350-plus neurological disorders which affect more than 12 million people in this country – including cerebral palsy.

It provides tailored information and specialist support for those affected by neurological problems at every stage, from first cerebral palsy symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and in the long term. They also offer support to family, friends, and carers.


Call: 0808 808 1000

Email: [email protected]

The Silverlining Brain Injury Charity

Silverlining provides free and low-cost activities and events for anyone affected by brain injury as a way of invigorating, motivating, and rehabilitating them. Friends, family members, and loved ones are encouraged to get involved to help rediscover a sense of purpose, social structure, and meaning in their lives.


Call: 0203 174 2051

Email: [email protected]

The United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum (UKABIF)

This national charity was set up to help people with acquired brain injury gain early access to good quality local specialist rehabilitation and follow-up services.

They also provide those affected and their family or carer with access to information, support networks and educational resources.


Call: 0845 608 0788

Email: [email protected]

Action Cerebral Palsy

Established in 2013, Action Cerebral Palsy tries to raise awareness of the issues facing children and young people with cerebral palsy, as well as the effect it has on their families. Its aim is to deliver a better deal for the entire cerebral palsy community by improving public, professional and political awareness of the condition.


Email: [email protected]

The Brain Charity

The Brain Charity offers emotional support, practical help, and social activities to anyone affected by cerebral palsy and their family, friends and carers. Established in 1993, its overall aim is to help people with neurological conditions live a longer, healthier, and more active life.


Call: 0800 008 6417

Email: [email protected]


Brainwave improves the lives of children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities by helping them achieve greater independence. The charity uses educational and physical therapies which can improve mobility, communication skills, and learning potential. They work alongside families to devise a programme tailored specifically to an individual’s needs.


Call: 01278 429089

Email: [email protected]


Mencap helps thousands of people with a learning disability to do the things they love. Every year, the charity provides information and advice to people with cerebral palsy as well as their families and carers via its cerebral palsy helpline (the Learning Disability Helpline).


Call: 0808 808 1111

Email: [email protected]

DIAL Network

The Disability Information and Advice Line (DIAL) is a team of experienced experts who want to improve all aspects of daily life for people with a disability, such as cerebral palsy. It provides information, advice, and support on all aspects of living with a disability to those who are affected, along with their families and carers.


Call: 0808 800 3333

Email: [email protected]


Cerebra aims to make life better for every child with cerebral palsy and those with other brain-related conditions. It conducts research in a bid to inspire innovation and provides support directly to children, their families, and carers so they can discover and experience a better life together.


Call: 0800 328 1159

Email: [email protected]

The Bobath Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Bobath specialises in providing individual therapy for children and adults with cerebral palsy and similar neurological conditions to improve their independence, health, and well-being. It uses both physios and speech and language therapists so parents and families can understand and manage the condition in all its forms.


Call: 029 2052 2600

Email: [email protected]

Brain Injury Group

This group’s mission is to support individuals and families affected by brain injury with access to legal, financial and welfare services delivered by proven experts with specialist skills and knowledge.

Known for its passion and dedication in this specialist field, it can offer expert legal advice or provide a gateway to various support networks – including information about statutory funding or welfare benefits.


Call: 0800 612 9660

Email: [email protected]

NICE – The Foundation for Conductive Education

Established in 1986, this charity believes that every person with a movement disorder – such as cerebral palsy – has the potential and right to specialist services that recognise their needs, desires, and wishes. It offers a comprehensive range of specialist movement-based programmes to teach people with disabilities the skills needed for an active and healthy lifestyle.


Call: 0121 449 1569

Email: [email protected]

Contact – For Families with Disabled Children

Contact is a UK-wide charity offering advice and support to the parents of every disabled child – including those with cerebral palsy. No matter what the disability or health condition is, it believes life can be improved if families and carers receive the best possible guidance and information.


Call: 0808 808 3555

Email: [email protected]

Carers UK

Anyone who provides unpaid support to a relative, partner, or friend who is chronically ill, disabled or frail can receive help and advice from Carers UK, the country’s only national membership charity for carers. No matter how complicated your circumstances are, you’ll no longer have to care alone.


Call: 0808 808 7777

Email: [email protected]

Carers Trust

Carers Trust is a charity which champions the work of all carers and ensures they receive grants so they can get the extra help and support needed to live their own lives. It works with people of all ages and conditions, providing access to group activities, breaks, information, education, training, and employment opportunities.


Email: [email protected]

NHS Choices – Cerebral Palsy

NHS Choices is a comprehensive information hub which provides useful help and advice on all aspects of cerebral palsy including its causes, symptoms, and treatments.


UK Government – Benefits for Carers

This is the official Government website where details can be found for all of the benefits and services available to UK carers.


Special Stars Foundation

A charity which focusses on improving the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families in Hull and East Yorkshire by providing a diverse calendar of inclusive social activities in which disabled people of all ages and abilities can participate in. Subsidised physiotherapy and a range of support, training and advice services for parent carers is also provided.


Call: 01482 227657

Email: [email protected]

Regional cerebral palsy support groups

Get expert help and advice, by finding the cerebral palsy support group nearest to your home!

Cumbria –

Hull and East Yorkshire –

Lincolnshire –

Sheffield –

Liverpool –

Leicestershire –

Stockport and East Cheshire –

Manchester –

Birmingham and Midlands –

Coventry and Warwickshire –

Northamptonshire –

Bedford and District –

London (Muswell Hill) –

London (Southgate) –

London (Croydon, Sutton, and Bromley) –

St Albans –

Surrey –

Shropshire and Telford –

Bristol –

Brighton –

West Sussex –

Winchester –

Scotland –

Cerebral palsy solicitors

Here at Hudgell Solicitors, we know that raising a child with cerebral palsy can be physically, emotionally, and financially demanding, but you don’t have to face it alone, and in cases where medical negligence is accepted or established, substantial, life-long support can be secured.

We have helped many families who have children with cerebral palsy enjoy a much better quality of life through cerebral palsy claims, by securing interim damages payments to secure specialist treatment, home adaptations, essential equipment, accommodation, and care.

Our work is dedicated to ensuring your child has all the support they need to maximise their potential and that families have a network of support around them as they look to adapt to a completely new and challenging way of life.

The cerebral palsy claim team help parents and carers with a range of issues. From seeking compensation due to medical negligence to securing information on cerebral palsy group home, we are here every step of the way. Get in touch today using our online claim form.

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