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How do our lawyers support survivors of abuse?

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Who will I speak to about making an abuse claim?

We know complete trust and confidence between ourselves and those we represent is one of the most important aspects of the support we provide. That is why we have a dedicated team of specialist abuse lawyers supporting those who bravely come forward to discuss the trauma they’ve suffered, at any time in their lives.

Our abuse claims team is led by Renu Daly and Victoria Neale, lawyers with an expert understanding of the law around abuse claims. They also have considerable experience and knowledge of the emotional and psychological impact that abuse and assault can have on those who have suffered. Renu and Victoria cover every abuse case we handle, ensuring every person who turns to us receives confidential, sensitive and sympathetic support.

Can I claim compensation for historical abuse?

Time limits do apply to abuse claims, but you may be able to claim compensation even if the abuse occurred many years ago. If you have suffered abuse at any time in your life, call our team for advice on whether you are able to make a legal claim.

My abuser has died, can I still pursue an abuse compensation claim?

Yes. At Hudgell Solicitors we handle many cases where the alleged abuser has died, even though the issue was never subject to a police investigation when the alleged abuser was alive. Cases of this nature can still be successful, particularly if the allegations are made independently by more than one individual against the same person, and are similar in nature.

Who will my abuse case be brought against?

Survivors of abuse are often able to seek compensation for the pain and suffering they’ve experienced from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) – a Government-run body. The role of CICA is to manage a compensation scheme which makes financial payments to victims of crime. Criminal injuries claims can be pursued if there is evidence from other potential victims who independently make similar allegations which are consistent in terms of the kind of abuse and motivation.

You may want to use civil law to hold your abuser to account. You might want to do the same if an individual or organisation facilitated the abuse you suffered by abusing your trust. Claims can be made against employers by holding them vicariously liable if the abuse took place through their job, such as a teacher, medical professional, carers or sports coach for example.

If the alleged abuser has died, claims can be made against their estate.

How long will an abuse claim take?

The process of making a claim can vary in length. In the early stages we will only ask for enough details about your experience to determine whether your claim is likely to proceed, and from whom you should claim damages.

To gather evidence to support your claim, and to build a strong case, you will need to disclose as many details about the nature of the abuse as you can. Obviously, this is something which will only be done when you feel ready to discuss. We will always try to work at a pace that’s comfortable for you and are committed to giving you the time you need, whenever and wherever you want to talk.

How much compensation am I likely to receive?

We understand that, for most people, financial compensation is not at the forefront of their mind when they contact us about starting a legal case. Our team will, of course, discuss the possible compensation outcomes with you in relation to the physical or psychological injuries you have suffered, but each case is completely different.

Whether you were abused as a child or an adult, medical evidence is usually required so that any compensation that is agreed properly reflects the physical or psychological damage caused.  Claims can be made through a civil claims procedure, or as part of a criminal injuries claim.

Whilst compensation will never help you to overcome your trauma, it can allow you to access professional medication, therapy or counselling to make coping with what happened more manageable.

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