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October 13th 2021

Accidents at Work

Helping clients make an accident at work claim in Yorkshire and the Humber – which has the highest rate in Great Britain

Rebecca Cone

Rebecca Cone

Litigation Executive, Personal Injury

Helping clients make an accident at work claim in Yorkshire and the Humber – which has the highest rate in Great Britain

More than three quarters of the accident at work claims worked on by the Personal Injury team at Hudgell Solicitors are in the Yorkshire and Humber area.

More than three quarters of the accident at work claims worked on by the Personal Injury team at Hudgell Solicitors are in the Yorkshire and Humber area.

In the last five years, our expert accident at work solicitors have helped on average three clients a week in this region make a work injury claim.

However, the reason for this is not simply because we have one of our offices in Hull. Accident at work statistics show that Yorkshire and the Humber has the highest rate of non-fatal injuries in the workplace.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) commissions annual questions in the Labour Force Survey (LFS), which is run by the Office for National Statistics, to gain a view of accidents at work.

The LFS, for the three-year period between 2017 and 2020, showed that Yorkshire and the Humber had 2,600 non-fatal accidents at work per 100,000 workers – the highest of any region in the country and much higher than the overall Great Britain rate of 1,920 cases per 100,000 workers.

The South West (2,460 per 100,000) and East Midlands (2,380 per 100,000) were second and third highest, while London was down at 1,240 cases per 100,000 workers.

Furthermore, Yorkshire and the Humber had the second highest rate of self-reported workplace non-fatal injury with over seven days absence for this period at 530 per 100,000 workers. Only the North West was higher at 560 – while the overall England average was down at 450 accidents at work per 100,000 workers.

When it comes to reported non-fatal injuries, which employers are told to log under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR), the figures in the HSE’s 2019/20 annual report showed that 10 per cent of all accidents at work in England occurred in Yorkshire and the Humber – with 5,840 recorded in this period, of which 4,248 resulted in more than seven days absence from work.

Caravan industry claims worked on by our expert accident at work lawyers

A lot of the workplace accident claims we work on for clients in the Yorkshire and Humber area involve the caravan industry.

The most recent of these cases in which our specialist accident at work lawyers successfully secured compensation involved a 51-year-old man who suffered a head injury working on a gantry.

Andy, who wanted to keep his surname anonymous, was working on the top of a caravan rig which was situated near to a harness attached to a sliding mechanism.

A colleague who was working further down the rig, without any prior warning, slid the harness along the mechanism to get it out of his way and it struck Andy in the head.

Accident at work

He was not wearing a hard hat and had not been provided with one and as a result he suffered a head wound that needed stitches in hospital and was left with permanent scarring (pictured).

The caravan company admitted liability for the accident at work and Rebecca Cone, Litigation Executive in the Personal Injury team at Hudgell Solicitors, secured Andy £10,500 in compensation.

Client praises ‘extremely professional’ approach by Hudgell Solicitors

“I got hit in the head in a complete accident that gave me an inch-and-a-half scar on the right side of my head. It hurt, it shocked me and it awoke some trauma in me,” said Andy.

“I went into work the next day because I didn’t want to lose my job and I just felt I wasn’t quite right and then I started to experience emotional difficulties.

“I found Hudgells extremely professional in the exploration of what happened as I had an MRI scan, neurology appointments and saw a psychologist. I already had PTSD, but this awoke stuff in me and still affects me now.

“But the way that Hudgells dealt with my claim, the way Rebecca was especially. I am trained in counselling and the empathy, unconditional positive regard, concreteness and supportiveness of her and her boundaries, it was of a level that you would get in counselling and I could feel that from her.

“Rebecca provided ongoing support from beginning to end and gave the highest quality information so that I could make my decisions regarding the claim.

“That’s why I gave her a good review and why I would recommend people to go with Hudgells.”

Other examples of work injury claim we have worked on in Yorkshire and the Humber

Our accident at work solicitors also work on a range of other cases and types of injuries involving clients in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Some recent examples of cases we have secured damages for where people from the region have made a claim after being injured at work include:

  • Legal Executive Becci Bilby secured £35,000 in accident at work compensation after liability was admitted when a then 52-year-old man hurt his back on a job tarmacking a path. There was lots of heavy materials on the foot path which needed moving, but the grab machine had been moved to another site so our client was told to lift the items by hand. He was lifting a large concrete kerb into the wagon when he felt his back go. The injury caused our client to be off work for an extended period and we helped claim loss of earnings.
  • We see many examples of manual handling injuries and Mrs Bilby also settled an accident at work claim for £4,600 after a warehouse operative was injured. The man and his colleague were asked to organise stock, in particular static exercise bikes, at a warehouse. Each boxed exercise bike, which weighed around 45-50kg, were stacked above head height and had to be moved by hand as no equipment was provided to assist them. As our client began to cut and remove the shrink wrap from the pallet of boxed bicycles, one of the boxes fell and as he put his arm out to protect his face he sustained a fractured left wrist. It was claimed in the case that boxed bicycles should not be stacked any higher than chest height.
  • Litigation Executive Lauren Cartwright helped a food delivery driver for a major supermarket claim more than £3,000 in compensation. The man had entered the walk-in freezer to collect loaded totes for his home delivery round. As he was walking towards the totes his foot slipped on ice which caused him to fall backwards and land on his back on a mound of ice, which had been created due to a broken fan inside the freezer. He was absent from work for a month with a back injury and the supermarket admitted full liability.
  • Ms Cartwright also helped a client claim £9,500 in damages after suffering a knee injury in an accident at work. The man, who was contracted to work at an industrial site, was using a strimmer to cut the grass when he stepped on a manhole cover which gave way. He suffered a partial tear of a ligament in his left knee and had to undergo surgery via the NHS to repair the ligament.

Regional differences in accident at work statistics due to a ‘complex combination of factors’

These cases represent only a small snapshot of the more than 140 workplace accident cases we work on in our personal injury team each year on average in Yorkshire and the Humber.

However, despite this area’s higher rate of incidents, the HSE stresses that not too much should be read into the regional differences in injury at work statistics.

The HSE’s annual report said: “The underlying risk of an adverse health and safety outcome such as injury will differ from one worker to the next, but it is unlikely that differences are affected directly by the region in which they work.

“Instead, research indicates that an individual’s risk is driven by a complex combination of factors including their occupation, the length of time they have been doing their job and the industry in which they work.

“As a result, regional differences in injury rates are strongly affected by differences in employment profiles.”

If you have been injured at work in Yorkshire and the Humber and believe you may have a claim for compensation, then get in touch today for free no obligation advice about your workplace accident by clicking here >>

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