Everyone who goes abroad for their holiday will (hopefully!) remember to pack the correct clothes. So, why do nearly 10 million British holidaymakers fail to take out the correct travel insurance when they travel overseas?

According to recent research conducted by ABTA – the UK’s largest travel association, that’s the shocking number of people who could be putting themselves at risk every year because they do not have suitable travel insurance.

Are you one of them?

If you are, and something goes wrong with your health or you suffer an injury, you may have to pay medical bills which could potentially run into their thousands.

Despite this financial risk, more than a fifth of people (22%) who go on holiday abroad travel without any insurance. According to the ABTA report, the most common reason for this was because people feel that they would not need it. For almost a third of people who admitted to not buying travel insurance (29%), cost was cited as a barrier.

As someone who regularly deals with the impact of holiday injuries and illnesses, I find it astonishing that people still go on holiday without any travel insurance – especially when some policies are available for less than £10.

According to ABTA, the average cost of a travel insurance claim currently stands at £1,296. Admittedly, this is not an eye-watering amount, and most people could probably cover this level of expense on their credit card. However, the cost of medical treatment or repatriation can run into substantial five-figure sums – leaving holidaymakers vulnerable when they are most in need of support. For the sake of £10, is it really worth the risk?

Always check your travel insurance is suitable

Whilst ABTA is urging people to understand the value of travel insurance, they also want those people who do take out cover to make sure it is suitable for their destination and holiday plans.

Around 15% of holidaymakers rely on travel insurance they receive through their bank account. Unfortunately, 27% of people who travel with insurance fail to check if it covers the activities they will take part in while away, and do not inform their provider of pre-existing medical conditions.

Failing to do this can be a costly mistake. It is therefore essential to check the terms and conditions and make sure your policy is suitable for the holiday and activities which you’ll enjoy.

Don’t just settle for the cheapest or most basic package. Take out an appropriate level of cover to help meet the costs should any medical expenses be incurred. Otherwise, you may find the insurance does not offer the protection you expected should you be unfortunate enough to cause or suffer an accident or injury abroad. Or you may only be covered up to a certain amount.

Make sure you’re fully protected for every eventuality

Unfortunately, this latest ABTA research highlights that most British holidaymakers do not fully understand the importance of having suitable travel insurance.

In most cases, travel insurance will cover medical expenses or to replace lost luggage in the event of a cancellation. If you cause an accident or injury, the policy’s personal liability insurance will cover any claims against you.

Should you suffer an injury on holiday, having a suitable travel insurance policy will allow you to receive the correct medical care and may help you reclaim some associated expenses.

If an accident was not your fault, or your injuries were caused by the negligence, reckless behaviour or dangerous conduct of another holidaymaker or the resort operator; you may be entitled to compensation.

However, it’s important to remember that travel insurance will not compensate you for any pain or suffering you experience, loss of earnings or any care you may need on returning home.

Should you need help to recover these costs, or any general legal advice, get in touch with the travel litigation team here at Hudgell Solicitors to obtain expert