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Police Failure to Investigate Serious Violent Crimes


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Can I sue the police for not investigating?

Can I sue the police for not investigating?

In cases where ‘serious system errors’, ‘conspicuous or substantial errors in investigation’, or ‘clear-cut operational failings’ can be proved – then a civil claim against a police force or failing to investigate a violent crime can be made.

A high threshold has to be met to pursue such cases for compensation, and to demonstrate that failings caused harm.

At Hudgell Solicitors, we believe it is important to fully hold police forces to account when they fail to protect people as they should.

Our expert legal team has a track record of representing families in situations where loved ones have been harmed following the failure of police forces to properly investigate people who could be a danger to others, and put appropriate measures in place.


The serious harm caused when police don't investigate violent crimes

The serious harm caused when police don't investigate violent crimes

When the police fail to effectively investigate allegations or incidents of serious violent crime, and serious threats of violence, they can leave the lives of those they are expected to protect in danger.

Sadly, there are frequent examples of innocent people being seriously harmed, or killed, by those who have previously been reported to the police, or have been alerted to them as a potentially serious danger to others.

In such situations, it is only right that police forces are questioned over the adequacy of their investigations and they are held to account for failings, and those who have suffered most as a result are compensated.


Serial killer could have been stopped

Serial killer could have been stopped

Our legal team represented the families of the four murder victims of the serial killer Stephen Port, after the Metropolitan Police Service missed repeated opportunities to catch him after he plied first victim Anthony Walgate, 23, with a fatal dose of date-rape drug GHB and dumped his body.

Port struck three more times before he was caught, also killing Gabriel Kovari, 22, Daniel Whitworth, 21, and 25-year-old Jack Taylor.

At an inquest, at which we represented the families, a jury concluded that police failings “probably” contributed to the deaths, all of whom were unlawfully killed.


Police failed to investigate rape allegation

Police failed to investigate rape allegation

In a case against Greater Manchester Police, we secured damages for a mother who said officers dismissed her fears that she’d been drugged and raped on a night out, and even told her ‘nothing would come of it’.

Our team alleged the force had violated our client’s human rights by failing to conduct a sufficient investigation, stating that officers should have known that delays in investigating claims would reduce the chances of proceeding to a prosecution.


Client stories

Client stories

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We will request copies of any supporting documents for your claim and, if appropriate, instruct expert witnesses to provide an opinion in support of your case.

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Our client reviews

Client reviews

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Hudgells have handled my claim brilliantly. From start to finish their solicitors have been professional and efficient. Great communication. Would highly recommend.
5 Stars
Fantastic service. Rang based on an enquiry for advice relating to an on-going legal situation and received excellent clear advice and would definitely recommend this firm.
5 Stars
Since Elizabeth Maliakal took over my case for medical negligence. I am pleased to say her service was outstanding. Her communication was excellent. She was always up to date and made sure to keep in touch with me regularly. Elizabeth made sure I understood what was happening and always answered my questions in depth. Coming from a foreign background, I struggle to articulate my thoughts and feelings because of the language barrier, but Elizabeth worked her way around this. I am grateful for all her hard work. Thank you to Elizabeth Maliakal and Hudgell Solicitors.
5 Stars
Darrel Fuentebaja
Thank you to Hudgell Solicitors particularly Sarah Moore who was assigned to my case. I was kept well informed throughout the whole process via email and phone, and always received a prompt reply to any questions that I had. It took a long time for my case to come to close for various reasons but never during this time did I feel rushed or pressured into making a decision. Sarah was very empathetic and supported me throughout with her excellent level of knowledge and professionalism. Thank you again.
5 Stars
Chris Trousdale was the one of the youngest miscarriages of justice victims as a result of the Post Office Horizon scandal.
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Do I need to have made a complaint to the force?

We would advise you to make a formal complaint against the police force involved before seeking to pursue a claim for failure to investigate a crime.

Most complaints are initially dealt with by the relevant police force, by their own ‘professional standards departments’ (PSDs). Complaints have to be made within 12 months of the incident.

What is the Independent Office for Police Conduct?

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) oversees the police complaints system in England and Wales.

It investigates the most serious matters, including deaths following police contact, and set the standards by which the police should handle complaints. It decides what should happen to those involved in an incident, such as whether they may need further training, or should face a misconduct meeting or a gross misconduct hearing.

When does the IOPC become involved in a case?

By law, police forces are required to refer certain matters to the IOPC, including when somebody dies who has had direct or indirect contact with the police when, or shortly before, they were seriously injured or died.

The IOPC also has powers to investigate without referral, to investigate all misconduct allegations against chief officers, and to present its own cases at police misconduct hearings.

People can also make complaints about police forces directly to the IOPC.

How do I make a complaint about a police force to the IOPC?

You should include your full name and address, the name of the police force you wish to be subject to the investigation, details of the allegations and complaints you are making together with the outcome you are seeking.

For example, specific officers to be disciplined. Details of why you feel the police have acted inappropriately or outside their powers and what you would have expected them to have done differently.

How can Hudgells help me with my complaint against the Police?

If you believe that you or a member of your family has been harmed as a result of a civil liberties breach through no fault of their own, then there could be compensation owed.

You can organise a free, no-obligation legal consultation with one of our team to discuss whether or not you have a case, or fill out an online claim form.

Usually, you will need to have filed a complaint against the police force responsible before we consider accepting instructions, as it will also need to be reviewed by the police’s internal professional standards department.

Once we’ve discussed your case and a complaint has been filed, one of our civil liberties lawyers will review whether any legal action against the police can be taken and whether you have a valid case.

If things proceed, then evidence will need to be gathered to support your civil liberties claim against the police. This can include witnesses, written records of the event, photographs, video recordings or medical examinations which took place.

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