Accidents And Injuries At Work Compensation Claims

An accident or injury in the workplace could be anything where you’ve suffered physically at work. You may have fallen or slipped in an office, suffered an injury from falling debris on a work site, or sustained a back injury that could have been avoided.

Claiming compensation for a work-related injury can help you get your life back on track by reimbursing you for lost earnings and expenses because of your injury.

We can support you on a no win no fee basis. This means you won’t pay anything upfront. If your case is successful, all fees will be deducted from your settlement. If your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t owe us anything.

Our expert accident and injury lawyers know how stressful and traumatic an accident in the workplace can be, and they will work to understand your circumstances and help you get the compensation you deserve.


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The Hudgell Promise

When we take on any case, we want you to feel reassured and confident in every aspect of your claim. That’s why we offer a service that puts your needs over and above anything else.
We promise to:

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*Our promise is different for criminal injury claims


I’ve Been Injured At Work, What Can I Do About It?

Get in touch with our expert injury law team as soon as possible to discuss your circumstances. We can help you by providing guidance, support, and legal representation to work for the compensation you deserve. You’ll need to provide as much information as possible about the accident and the injuries you sustained. This can include:

     Where and when the accident occurred.

     If there were any witnesses.

     What injuries you sustained.

     If you require ongoing rehabilitation.

Any photos or documents, such as pictures of the site, the entry to your workplace accident book, or photos of your injuries.
Once we’ve learned your story and established that you have a claim, our expert accident at work lawyers will work with you to:

  • Evaluate the circumstances surrounding the accident.
  • Arrange medical treatment if you haven’t already received it.
  • Assess loss of earnings through having to take time off work.
  • Work with your employer’s insurance company to arrange compensation.
  • Put in place the necessary support and rehabilitation where required.

Some claims can be settled within a few weeks or months, but some of the more complex cases, such as those involving severe injuries, may take much longer.

Latest Cases

Legal case results in £320,000 injury compensation for worker after company alleged he lied about his accident

Hudgell Solicitors has secured £320,000 compensation for a man who suffered a serious accident at work but then faced accusations from the business involved of making up the claim. Newark-based Caledonian Modular Ltd initially disputed a legal claim made against
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“The importance of our role was to obtain and present to the judge clear evidence as to what actually happened on the day, and as to the impact our client’s injury had on his life and would have into the future.”

“We’re delighted that the judge was entirely satisfied by that evidence and awarded significant damages to reflect the impact this completely avoidable accident has had on our client’s life.”

Leanne Stephenson

More Accident At Work Case Stories

Accident And Injury At Work: What Can I Claim Compensation For?

Your employer has a legal obligation to make sure your workplace is safe, which means that everything from the equipment you use to the training you receive must be up-to-date and in line with health and safety standards. If these standards are not met and it results in an accident or injury, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Building site injury and illness

Construction site accidents and injuries can involve a long, costly time away from work that requires rehabilitation. Building site injuries and illness claims include: falls from high scaffolding or platforms, serious cuts and/or bruises, being hit by vehicle on site, faulty tools or equipment, fractured bones, and chemical burns.

Slip, trip, or fall at work

If your employer doesn’t put the right safety procedures and systems in place, there is a possibility of slips, trips, and falls. These can happen where employers fail to fix proper handrails on stairs and ways of access, employers don’t place hazard signs on wet floors after cleaning, employees are working in areas that are not lit appropriately.

Farm accident and illness

Farm accidents involving animals or machinery can result in injury or illness that can have a lasting impact on your life. Farm injuries and illnesses can be caused by all kinds of things, such as: dangerous animals, exposure to hazardous substances such as chemicals and pesticides, and accidents involving slurry pits, stores, or silos.

Inadequate training accident

Your employer has a legal responsibility to ensure you are protected in your role and the environment you work in, which means you must receive the full and correct training to prevent avoidable injuries at work. If not, accidents could include: manual handling techniques leading to back injuries, serious injury caused by machine operators who have not been given training or told safety precautions.

Manual handling accident

Employers must provide correct training, carry out risk assessments, and ensure there is an appropriate number of staff to carry out a task. Common claims for manual handling compensation involve: back injuries, leg and arm injuries, and muscular injuries or damage.

Protective equipment claims

You must be given the right protective equipment (PPE) to protect you from injury when working in both hazardous and conventional working conditions. If they don’t, and you suffer from an accident or injury – such as head injuries caused by falling objects, eye damage because there were no goggles, and hand burns because of incorrect gloves – you could be entitled to compensation.


If you are the victim of an accident that leads to the loss of a limb, we can help you secure compensation that will aid your recovery process and help you adapt to life going forwards.

Severe burns claims

Burns and scalds can happen in the workplace and can harm your skin, muscles, and take an emotional toll. Read more about severe burns claims and how we can help you to get the compensation you need to heal and move on with your life.

Injury and Accident at Work Compensation Amounts

The amount of compensation you receive depends on the seriousness of your injuries and the impact the accident has on your life and earnings. Our lawyers will get to know you and your personal circumstances to ensure we can reach a figure that reflects your story and suffering.

The compensation you’re entitled to should cover:

  • The pain and suffering you’ve already endured and any long-term consequences of your injury.
  • Loss of earnings, overtime, or bonus.
  • Money spent because of your injury, such as travelling costs, medication, hiring a wheelchair, or paying for child care.
  • Treatment fees, such as physiotherapy, a chiropractor, or an osteopath.
  • The cost of hiring outside help, or the hidden costs associated with a loved one or friends having to care for you because of your injury.
  • Loss of enjoyment of a holiday due to your injury.
  • Purchase of supports or aids to help you within your home.

Your employer is legally obliged to have liability insurance and an accident at work could be covered by this policy. The insurer will pay compensation on behalf of an employer if they are found to have acted negligently or to have breached regulations.

While your case will be unique to your circumstances, some examples of compensation that we’ve secured for our clients include:

£39,000: Mr Knowles who suffered a back injury

£95,000: For a joiner involved in a saw accident

£100,000: Mr Warburton following a crush injury

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How We Can Help You: Support When Making A Claim For A Work Injury

Our team of dedicated solicitors has a wealth of experience in workplace accident and injury claims. We’re always here for a free initial confidential discussion regarding your situation. Getting in touch could make a huge difference to your future.

Led by Law Society Personal Injury Panel Member Jane Woodcock and Karen Smith, each has over 20 years’ experience of handling cases involving serious injuries requiring long term rehabilitation support.

The wider team of personal injury solicitors specialise in all types of personal injury and are experts in dealing with the varying complexities that may arise from an accident at work claim. They will offer you the best legal advice required to secure the settlement deserved.

Whether it’s a slip or trip, an accident at work caused by broken equipment, or an injury made worse by a lack of protective equipment, we have a team of specialists dedicated to providing the legal advice and guidance you need to carry on with your life.

Case Study: How We Helped Matthew

Matthew Burke went from being a fit and healthy young man to the brink of death when falling just five feet off a step-ladder at work.

He was knocked unconscious, suffering bleeding on the brain.

After spending a month in hospital, Matthew had to learn to walk again, was left out of work and unable to socialise. He found himself living largely in isolation, and in his own words, facing ‘some dark days’.

When he turned to our team at Hudgell Solicitors for help, we recognised he needed not only our legal expertise and experience, but also our understanding and support to access vital counselling and rehabilitation treatment.

That support helped Matthew greatly, whilst a six-figure settlement, secured due to us establishing his employer’s liability for his accident, compensated him for his injury, loss of earnings and being prejudiced in the jobs market going forward.

Matthew used the settlement to buy his own house, and with his independence back, secured part-time work as a carer.

He said: “I had great counselling support and it was absolutely crucial to my recovery.

“Jane Woodcock was amazing. She kept me focused and positive at all times, and if ever the counselling team needed a nudge, she was there making sure I had all the support I needed

“Jane was someone I felt able to talk to as she seemed to understand my situation and the difficulties I faced.  I have managed to find positivity, I am back active, and I have my work and social life back.”

Jane Woodcock, an expert in handling complex brain injury and accident at work claims, said she had been delighted to play a part in helping Matthew to rebuild his life.

She said: “Matthew’s story highlights just how important constant support and counselling is for people suffering from brain injuries, and more importantly, just how that support can help people put their lives back together and to start moving forward again.

“It also shows the value of pursuing a compensation claim when suffering a personal injury, be that at work, or in any public place, where the fault was not of your own.

“We see the person, not just the claim, something we are delighted to say Matthew, and many others like him, can vouch for.”

Read Matthew’s full story and watch the video of his journey here.

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