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What is an Accident at Work?

An accident or injury in the workplace could be anything where you’ve suffered physically at work. You may have fallen or slipped in an office, suffered an injury from falling debris on a work site, or sustained a back injury that could have been avoided. Claiming compensation for a work-related injury can help you get your life back on track by reimbursing you for lost earnings and expenses because of your injury.

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Accidents at work claims

Accidents in the workplace can be devastating for those involved, from the trauma of the incident itself to ongoing treatment or financial worries that might come afterwards. Being able to make a claim for an accident at work can mean helping to get your life back on track and reimbursing you for lost income and expenses.

A workplace accident can cover many different events and situations across different professions, such as:

  • Slips, trips, and falls due to a lack of handrails, poor access, or no hazard signs
  • Back injuries or other bodily injures due to inadequate manual handling or machinery training
  • Farm accidents such as injury from machinery, dangerous animals or exposure to chemicals and pesticides
  • Head injuries, eye damage, or burns due to inadequate or missing PPE

We know how stressful and traumatic an injury at work can be, and our expert injury at work solicitors are here to support and guide you through the process, and ensure that they fully understand your circumstances so they can help to get you the accident at work compensation you deserve.

Our accident at work lawyers have successfully helped thousands of people claim for personal injury compensation, with decades of experience and expertise at your disposal.

What is an Accident at Work?

Everyone should be able to work in a safe and secure workplace, but sometimes accidents can happen. An injury at work can be any event that results in injury or ill health, such as falling or slipping, or being struck by debris, or a back or muscle injury that could have been avoided.

These events can have a big impact on your life, from lost earnings or unexpected expenses, to quality of life or future employment prospects.

How to make a no win no fee accident at work claim

When you get in touch with us about your injury at work, we can guide you through the whole process of making a claim, from building the case to legal representation in court if necessary.

The process starts with gathering evidence of the workplace accident, providing us with as much information as possible about the event and the injuries you sustained. We will need to know:

  • Where and when the accident at work occurred
  • If there were any witnesses
  • What injuries you sustained
  • If you require ongoing treatment or rehabilitation

To help build this evidence, things like documents, site pictures, workplace accident books, and photos of your injury can all be valuable. Our expert accident at work lawyers will use this to fully understand your story and establish that you have a claim.

They will also work with you to:

  • Evaluate the circumstances surrounding the accident at work
  • Arrange medical treatment if you haven’t already received it
  • Assess your loss of earnings through having to be off work

The first step is to get in touch with us, and one of our team of expert injury at work solicitors can conduct a free, no-obligation consultation with you.

They will discuss with you the detail of what has happened and ask questions to establish if a claim can be made. This information you share with us is always treated as highly confidential and only used by our lawyers in connection with your work injury claim.

Do I qualify for an injury at work claim?

We will be able to establish if you qualify once we hear your story, but generally speaking you qualify if you are confident the accident at work was your employer’s fault.

This might be in terms of in relation to safety standards or training, or having the right equipment. If you think your employer failed in their responsibilities and this led to your injury at work, this can constitute grounds for a claim.

Even if the workplace accident was partially your fault, you may still be able to claim. Although your actions may have contributed to the situation, if the primary fault lies with another party whose actions were the root cause of the accident then you will likely still qualify for an accident at work claim.

How much can I claim for an injury at work?

Every claim comprises a unique context and set of factors which will govern how much compensation could be awarded. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • The severity of your injuries and any long-term effects
  • How long you’ll be off work to recover and any loss of earnings
  • Money spent because of your injury on travel, medication, childcare, etc.
  • Time involved in your family or loved ones having to provide care or assistance for you

Although the task of calculating the appropriate level of compensation can be complex, we strive to make it as straightforward and transparent as possible. Our aim is to ensure that we recover the maximum compensation that you are entitled to.

We can assess the specifics of your accident at work claim during your free consultation, either over the phone or in person, in order to give you an estimate of how much work injury compensation your case could result in.

Funding an accident at work claim

Your access to justice and fair compensation shouldn’t be gated by upfront fees or unreasonable costs just to take your case forward. That’s why we thoroughly discuss the process of taking cases forward and whether our clients would benefit from a ‘no win no fee’ arrangement. This means that our legal services and fees will be covered by a percentage of any awarded compensation which will be agreed upon when we accept your case.  There are no hidden fees and if your injury at work claim isn’t successful you will have nothing at all to pay.

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We Are Experts in Workplace Accidents

Any injury at work case will be handled by our dedicated personal injury lawyers who possess an exemplary track record of supporting our clients. Choosing Hudgell Solicitors for your accident at work claim gives you the reassurance that you have empathetic, supportive professionals backing up your case with expert knowledge of personal injury law surrounding workplace accidents.

  • Headed up by Jane Woodcock, utilising her experience of over three decades within personal injury law to secure outstanding results for our clients.
  • Supported by our Associate Solicitors Sarah Kidd and Samuel McFadyen, who is an APIL accredited litigator, and the remainder of our small, but totally dedicated team of accident at work lawyers
  • Providing direct, personal and honest legal advice for all personal injury claims, giving you insight into what the claim process involves and what’s required from you at each stage
  • Allocating you a dedicated file handler who will be your point of contact for all queries or concerns you may have.

Our Accident at Work Lawyers

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What types of accidents at work can I claim for?
    Your employer has a legal obligation to make sure your workplace is safe, which means that everything from the equipment you use to the training you receive must be up-to-date and in line with health and safety standards.
    If these standards are not met and it results in an accident or injury at work, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Examples are:
  • Building site injury claims and illness: Including falls from high scaffolding or platforms, serious cuts and/or bruises, being hit by vehicles on site, faulty tools or equipment, fractured bones, and chemical burns.
  • Slips, trips, or falls at work: These might involve issues such as absent or loose handrails, loose floor coverings, wet floors and lack of warning signs, inadequate lighting or obstructions left in walkways.
  • Farm accident claims and illness: Farming accidents involving animals or machinery can result in injury or illness that can have a lasting impact on your life. Farms utilise heavy and dangerous machinery, work may involve exposure to hazardous substances such as chemicals and pesticides, or a farm accident may involve slurry pits, stores, or silos.
  • Inadequate training accident: Your employer has a legal responsibility to ensure you are protected in your role and the environment you work in, which means you must receive the full and correct training to prevent avoidable accidents at work. If not, claims might relate to manual handling techniques leading to back injuries, injury caused by machine operators not having been given appropriate training or told of safety precautions.
  • Manual handling accident: Employers must provide correct training, carry out risk assessments, and ensure there is an appropriate number of staff to carry out a task. Common claims for manual handling compensation involve back injuries, leg and arm injuries, and muscular injuries.
  • Protective equipment claims: You must be given the right protective equipment (PPE) to protect you from injury when working in both hazardous and conventional working conditions. If your employer doesn’t provide this and you suffer an injury – such as head injuries caused by falling objects, eye damage because there were no goggles, and hand burns because of incorrect gloves – you could be entitled to accident at work compensation.
  • Severe burns claims: Burns and scalds can happen in the workplace and can harm your skin, muscles, and take an emotional toll. We can help you to get the compensation you need to heal and move on with your life.
Will my injury at work claim be handled on a ‘no win no fee’ basis?
    We can support you on a no win no fee basis. This means you won’t pay anything upfront. If your case is successful, all fees will be deducted from your settlement. If your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t owe us anything.
    There are alternative ways to fund a claim to limit the risk to you, we can discuss these during the initial free no obligation consultation.
Will I need to go to court?
    Most accident at work cases don’t need to go to court, but we will be with you throughout the process if it becomes necessary.
    An injury at work claim usually only goes to court if a case is particularly complex.
Could I lose my job if I make an accident at work claim?
    All employees have employment protection rights once they have completed two years continuous service.
    If your employment is for a shorter period than this and you have any concerns about making a claim talk to us and get our advice.
    You have an overall time limit of three years from the date of an accident at work in which to formally issue court proceedings. Talk to us.

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