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Speaking out about any abuse that you’ve suffered can be extremely difficult, and doing so can take a considerable amount of courage. Fortunately, there is now much more openness around the subject of abuse which has led to changes in the law and a change in the public mindset.

Whilst abuse remains a hugely difficult area to talk about, especially for those who have suffered, it’s important to remember that these harmful acts can happen to people from all walks of life; from children and teenagers right through to adults – male and female.

If you’re a survivor of abuse or sexual abuse, either as an adult or a child, you may be eligible to make an abuse compensation claim.

At Hudgell Solicitors, we realise coming forward can be traumatic and we’ll always treat you with care, respect and compassion. Our highly-trained team of abuse solicitors understand the difficulties you may have discussing the topic, and appreciate why you may be fearful of making a claim.


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Our lawyers regularly handle sensitive cases and can offer immediate legal representation across England and Wales. When seeking compensation for victims of abuse, we do all that we can to ensure they feel safe and assured throughout the process. If you prefer to talk face to face rather than on the phone, we will gladly meet at a place which is convenient and comfortable for you.

For those who decide they want to take the next step and pursue legal action, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Whether you were abused as a child or as an adult; we can stand alongside you, encourage you and support you in your bid to gain redress for your suffering.

We know financial compensation will not help to overcome your trauma, but it can allow you to access therapy, counselling or medication that may make coping with what happened in later life more manageable.

If you’re an abuse survivor who wants extra support, please get in touch or call our helpline and speak confidentially to our abuse claims specialists today.


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“The people and support networks are out there to talk to. As someone who plays a small part in that overall support package, helping people take a first step towards hopefully finding some closure is always something I am immensely proud to do.”

Renu Daly